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roma pastamakerby Steven Doyle

I love making homemade pasta, and use a hand cranked pasta roller that is attached to my kitchen counter to achieve just the right thickness of dough sheets according to the style of pasta I want to make at home. Recently I was in a professional kitchen and smiled when I saw the same $25 device screwed into a counter. There are attachments for your electric mixers to make this job easier, but I have been fond of the crank method and continue to use this device.         

Today we have been given an opportunity to give away an upgraded model of the hand cranked pasta maker from the same people who make the device I use at home. Make fresh pasta like a pro at home with the Prago Roma Express Pasta Machine. You can cook spaghetti, fettuccini and flat sheet noodles easily and quickly with this red pasta machine.

You can get ultimate control over rolling with wide rollers and speed control of this pasta maker. This wide roller pasta machine is highly safe to use as it features an integrated safety switch, which cuts the power if the safety lid is opened. This electric pasta maker comes with a cleaning brush making it is easy to clean and maintain.

The pasta maker retails for $229 and can be yours if you are selected randomly in the comment section below. We will choose our winner Thursday, Febraruary 28, 2013.



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61 responses to “Win A Prago Roma Pasta Machine

  1. I’ve been looking for a suitable Pasta Maker! This looks perfect. After a few classes in Italy I am ready to try my own at home. BTW, keep up the good work here at CRAVEdfw. Enjoy and find most helpful.

  2. How cool! love to win this!

  3. Caroline

    Love homemade pastas- but then again I love pasta! Also love all your posts, Steven!!

  4. Oh Please! Pick me, pick me! I absolutely LOVE home-made pastas.

  5. Red is my kitchen theme color and would be a handsome addition next to my red expresso maker, and it would make a super replacement for my worn out Imperia…. Plus no hand cranking, i can use both hands to work the pasta, love It!

  6. Alyson

    Want. Need. Will make pasta for you if I win! And it’s red.

  7. Michelle Orr

    I’d love this!!! 🙂

  8. Kevin Trevino

    It would be great to win this, then I can stop rolling my pasta with a rolling pin and move in to this new fangled electronic age too!

  9. Rob

    I would love to win this pasta maker – it would go along perfectly with my other kitchen devices to help make dinner even better.

  10. Angela Krieger

    I would love this! Thank you Crave DFW for great restaurant suggestions. We have some new favorites now!

  11. Would LOVE this! There is a roasted red pepper pasta recipe I’ve been wanting to try!

  12. Ken

    I can’t think of a better way to get started making homemade pasta.
    and thank you for the “Bacon” tour last weekend.

  13. Randall Austin McGehee

    I worked at the Mansion Hotel and often passed through the kitchwatching them tug and stretch homemade pasta with envy. I often joked that I would get my tie caught in one. I would love to prove them rwrong

  14. JoieJune

    Thanks for the restaurant recommendations and for this contest. Lucky person will WIN! Hope it’s me!

  15. If you ate pasta and antipasto, would you still be hungry?

  16. Susan E

    This would inspire me for sure!

  17. Walker

    Love this blog, and my wife would love the pasta maker…

  18. Christopher S

    I would absolutely love this!

  19. Edward

    what a fantastic appliance

  20. Lauren Jones

    I love pasta!

  21. I have always wanted to make homemade pasta, would love to win this!

  22. Mary

    I believe I need this. As much pasta as we eat, making it myself would surely be a good plan.

  23. JJFoodie

    It would be great to win! I have some Porcini Powder that’s dying to go into some fresh pasta!

  24. Dins

    I could really use the dough…..sheets.

  25. Sofie T

    Yes, please!

  26. Nicole Harris

    I love to cook and homemade pasta would be fabulous! Pick me! 🙂

  27. Mo

    Homemade ravioli here I come!

  28. Steve Hanson

    C’mon pasta maker….baby needs a new pasta machine.

  29. serena dang

    Have always wanted to make either ramen or pasta from scratch! With this I can cross obe off my list!

  30. Jimmy Rogers


  31. CathyM

    Pick me!

  32. Yum, homemade pasta.

  33. Lindsay

    Me! Me! Me!

  34. Toadily

    oooh Pasta machine pick me pick me please please please…….

  35. I used to help my mom make pasta on her old trusty hand crank machine. I’d love a machine of my own.

  36. Allison

    You will pick me. You will pick me. You will pick me 🙂


    “The pasta maker retails for $229 and can be yours if you are selected randomly in the comment section below.”

    Looks like I made the comment section.

  38. Bethany Titus

    I would so love to win this!

  39. Agnes

    Would be a great addition to my kitchen tools. I love to cook!

  40. Josh

    This would look great next to my sous vide supreme. They can be best friends forever!

  41. James

    I to have the hand crank style this would be a vast improvement.

  42. VG

    would be great to win

  43. Nothing better than homemade pasta!

  44. Hope

    I wrote a Haiku. “Ode to Prago Roma.” =)

    Carbohydrate bliss
    Sexy hunk of red metal
    Inspiring cuisine

  45. Sarah

    This would be a big help for the upcoming pasta party!!

  46. susan peppler

    I hope I win

  47. Steve M.

    I love to make pasta with my 6yr old daughter – I would give this so that she would have it and hopefully one day use it with her children.

  48. I thinking about some really awesome pumpkin ravioli… mmm 🙂

  49. Lucy

    I could retire the crank model !!!!

  50. Richard Fuller

    Chef Dana, my wife, would love this! “Old School” is still using her rolling pin and bugs her shoulders now.

  51. Matt Ford

    There is nothing I love more, than fresh farm egg pasta. PICK ME!!!

  52. Rho

    I would never go to Olive Garden again if I win this! LOL!

  53. Shelley Crouch

    Mmmm…. Homemade PASTA!!! Yum! We’re repainting our kitchen right now in that exact same shade of red…must be fate!!! We NEED this!!!

  54. Patrick


  55. Johnny carino

    Ship it to Atlanta, my hands ache from rolling my own… A great pasta maker. X

  56. Oh my goodness this Italian would love that!

  57. Jessica Gardner

    BEAUTIFUL!! There is nothing better than home made pasta!!!

  58. Congratulations to Bethany, you are our winner! Stay tuned for more kicking prizes in the coming weeks. We have a contest Monday where 6 people will win.

  59. James buenrostro

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!

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