Tiffany Derry Consulting At Bowen’s Cafe Expresso

Tiffany_Derryby Steven Doyle

I was at dinner last night when a friend slipped me a note saying that Tiffany Derry, formerly of Private Social, was to take over the kitchen at Bowen’s Cafe Expresso. I immediately sent Derry a text, who is working in Atlanta for a few days, and she confirmed that she was doing some consulting work for Italian kitchen.  We agreed to chat on Wednesday, but today she made an announcement on Facebook, where all the really cool cheffy information comes from it would seem.

This is what Derry spilled today:

I’m excited to announce that I am consulting on a new menu for Bowen’s Cafe Expresso, the longstanding Italian spot in Preston Center. We’ve spent the last few weeks sprucing up the place and revamping the menu. Come by starting Thursday to check it out!

So there you have it. If you are wanting to sample a few of Derry’s Italian dishes which will include a few pastas and pizza, make your reservation for lunch or dinner this Thursday.



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5 responses to “Tiffany Derry Consulting At Bowen’s Cafe Expresso

  1. Wes

    I have found that restaurants advertising the use of consultant chefs rarely measure up. Good for the chef I guess.

  2. Chef Johnny Carino

    At times restaurants advertise this for the wrong reasons, you are correct in your thinking. I can think of many times this has been done, I can’t think of many times the restaurant turned out any better and in fact for the most part even worse. It is of course great for the consultant chef but I have always kept my clients to myself..

  3. Chef Johnny Carino

    BTW, not a knock on Tiffany at all…. Respect for her as a person and a chef…

  4. Dallas foodie

    Tiffany is hands down the best Chef in Dallas with her favors. I eat out 4-5 times a week and have try many places here in Dallas and a lot of chefs food here in Dallas have no flavor nor personality and she has the total package. So we’re ever she is consulting I want to know. Most of you consulting Chef need to keep it quit so you don’t make yourselves look worse. I would eater her food 7 days a week. Keep doing you thing girl!!! Your in a man driven field of the other Race and they fear a strong positive BLACK women. Keep up your hard work. I wish I could afford you as my personal Chef.

  5. Meika

    I went last night and the food and atmosphere was outstanding! I saw Chef Tiffany Derry in every aspect of this establishment. I saw her cooking in the kitchen, greeting and chatting with guest and a she brought in her own bartender along with other staff. To me, that is what sets her apart from others, she is very hands on. Last night was my first time dining at Bowen’s and if the food is always tht good I will definately return.

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