Holy Cow! Really, Cow, At Rodeo Goat

rodeo goat3by Angela Hopkins

Rodeo Goat is an emerging hot spot in Fort Worth, your new favorite ice house is tucked in the midst of all new construction in the West 7th area. Unlock the cage and cruise through the cattle door dividing the parking lot and sand pebbled covered patio. Giggle at the indoor rodeo stall (used for private parties if requested). Cozy up to family style seating with bar tables accompanying tall cushioned bar stools; you know a little class spruces up the place? I liked it already.

Calling them just burgers does not seem to do this place justice. With components and toppings such as Fresno-aioli, hatch chilies, green olive tapenade, pineapple and plantains, a variety of condiments such as herb, roasted red pepper and a smoky, orange-mayo;,all made fresh in house daily along with the hand punched fries and or chips. Wowzzza.  


Forget the white lifeless roughage at other joints. Bib and arugula is the back-end palate cleanser you did not know you were missing. GENIUS! Get creative. Mix the chiles with the mayo; did I just blow your mind? You are welcome! This is fine dining, burger style, in a goat stall. My Sidekick refers to this place as a ‘culinary-gasm.’

I ordered a “Nanny” and the man had the “Sow”. On my next visit it was the “Olivia Darling.” I wanted to say “Oh Dahhhhhhhhhhling” because not only is this a new addition to the menu, it resulted in thick, juicy, happiness. I have been here at least once a week since it opened, working through the menu. Someone has to do it, no arm twisting needed.

Side note, if you go on a Wednesday they run $3 Rahr Beers and $3 off the Chefs Choice Burger. Bier lovers be ready, they have a kick ass bier selection! If you are thinking…”Hey chick how are you gluten free and drinking bier?” Oh hold your Rodeo Goat… they have GF BIER! YEP!

rodeo goat2

Keith, checks all the order that go in and out of the kitchen. I am still convinced he is the most reliable, hardest working person on 7th. Sitting at the bar is how I enjoy most of my dining experiences, because interaction is learning. You can watch the detail they put into every burger. It may take 15 minutes from placement to table, but jeeez it is so worth it. Clint or Jillybean (aka Jill), both will greet you with a smile and exceptional service. Random staff members still come by to check on customers. We have been at different times of the day and every visit has been an experience of excellence. Rodeo Goat operates like a well-oiled machine and everyone on the staff has been super professional, happy, and informative. The key is consistency.

This is a wonderful lunch date spot, friend hang out, or great even if you run solo. Parking can be tricky; dine at off peak hours, if your schedule allows. The music is awesome, the games are on all the TVs, or play a game attached to the stall doors. Even though it is a stall, this place is spotless and the restrooms are equipped with those pimp Dyson dryers.

The Rodeo Goat | 2836 Bledsoe, Ft Worth | (817) 877-4628


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  1. Josh

    As one of my go to FW foodies for advice on hot new joints, Angela is always spot on! Thanks for the insite on this place, ive been wanting to check it out and definitely will!!

  2. Rick

    OMG. Next time I’m in Ft Worth I’m definitely dining here…

  3. Angela Hopkins

    Awesome You will find me on the rail or at the bar…atleast once a week 🙂 Say HI!

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing

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