Trinity Groves Savor Tonight And We Have A Sneak Peek At One Of the Dishes

DSC06437by Steven Doyle

Tonight marks the first Savor Dallas event in the new Trinity Groves area of Dallas. This is the new culinary destination just west of the newish Margaret Hunt Hill bridge. Look for the event to take place in 3015, the event center and cooking school owned by chef Sharon Van Meter. This particular leg of Savor Dallas will feature many of the up and coming chefs to occupy one of the many spaces in Trinity Groves and benefits Hunger Busters, an organization that feeds at risk children.  


Look for these marvelous vendors set up to night along with plenty of great wine and entertainment:  Bridge Beignet Club, Casa Rubia, Chino, Hofmann Hots, LUCK, Resto Gastro Bistro, Souk and Babb Brothers BBQ & Blues.

Last night we checked in with Chino chef-owner to see what she might be creating for the event. We found Uno Immanivong working diligently along with her mother, aunt and uncle cranking out hundreds of handmade steam buns as part of a dish she is serving tonight, a steamed bun filled with Cochinita pibil which is a play on Asain and Latin cuisine that is a foreshadowing of her restaurant, Chino. These are called Grilled Pork Steamed Bahn Mi.


I asked Uno why she didn’t just buy frozen buns, as many chefs do since the frozen product is very good, and she gave me a steely eyed look. “I think the homemade buns are a bit better, and why not do it right,” said the chef.

This is a lot of work for so many buns to be served tonight. Typically Uno makes about a dozen buns at a time, so this is a huge undertaking. But why not do it right? This is the first time many peple will be sampling her cusine, and there are sure to be many curious after watching her on Bourdain’s new program, The Taste. So Uno and her intrepid family members stood in the kitchen very late rolling out the dough, laughing and enjoying the night.


Meanwhile, Uno was also making a delicious coconut ice cream topped with a pistachio brittle.

Meet Uno Immanivong and sample her buns tonight at the Trinity Groves Savor.  to find out about this and other savor events this weekend check out the Savor website.

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