Cheap Bastard Alice Laussade Noms The Beard Nomination

aliceby Steven Doyle     photo by Nicholas McWhirter

Alice Laussade, Dallas Observer’s Cheap Bastard, and lovely bacon temptress who brought us all Meat Fight, is back in the news again. No, she didn’t take a seat before ordering at Maple and Motor Burger, nor did she tag the smoker at Pecan Lodge, but we are sure she has considered both. Alice has been nominated a second time for a James Beard Award for the humor-writing category of the 2013 James Beard Foundation Awards.  

Alice is an amazing talent with a keen eye for the humorous side of groceries, and we wish her the very best of luck this year. To read the article that propelled Alice in front of the Beard folks check out this link. You know if Alice wins she will want to pull someone’s beard. She is just like that.

If Alice does win we will send her a case of Deep Ellum brews and 10 pounds of goat prepared by Will Fleischman at Lockhart Smokehouse. Congratulations, Alice.

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