Michele D’Amelio Officially Makes The Best Italian-Style Pizza In the World

testaby Steven Doyle

Ever wonder who makes the best pizza in Dallas? It can be a tough call with so many choices, especially on the Neapolitan front. There are those that will constantly tell you they are the best, then there are those that are actually crowned the best. Internationally it would appear that there is a certain North Texas pizzeria that takes the title. Having dined at Pizzeria Testa in Frisco I can attest the pizza is truly wonderful, and their pizzaiolo has taken the title as the very best inernationally. 

Recently head Pizzaiolo, Michele D’Amelio, was crowned world champion after winning the Italian Style Pizza Challenge at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the world’s premier pizza competition.

pizzaThis is what the best pizza in the world looks like

In February we wrote about D’Amelio gaining citizenship after falling in love with Texas and the United States during his 3 month stint working at Testa.  This is a true victory for everyone.

Now go grab a slice.


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