The Texas Rangers Have Their Own Food Truck!

DSC06777by Steven Doyle

One of my very favorite holidays is close at hand. No, not Easter. Opening Day of baseball is one of the last vestiges of Americana and well worth taking a day off with the family to take in tradition. In preparation for the big day the good folks at the Ballpark at Arlington, home to the Texas Rangers, spent the off season sprucing up to make your experience even greater. This is code-speak for ‘more food’.


Last year we witnessed the Boomstick, the mammoth hotdog that is large enough to feed a small family. This year there are so many more menu items, many given the Boomstick treatment in size and girth. We will be discussing the new options tomorrow in a larger view of the new Ballpark offerings. However, we are most excited to see a new food truck operated by the Rangers called “Ballpark Express Catering”.

The new food truck will operate around the stadium, and in the parking lots. You will also be able to witness the new food truck as it makes its way around Dallas and Fort Worth to the usual truck hot spots bringing a taste of the Ranger’s menu with them. The truck is also available for private parties, so if you want to cater Boomstick’s, giant turkey legs, roasted corn and even breakfast items to your next party, this truck is available.




Many of the new food items can be served out of the catering truck so you can enjoy the $28 ‘Beltre’ Buster burger made on a humongous pretzel roll, or the $32 quesadilla called the Murph-a-dilla. Then there is the new Nolan Ryan steak sandwich which we actually sampled at today’s media roundup. The sandwich features thick slices of beefy goodness and layers of grilled peppers and onions.

“We really want to be able to take the tastes of the ballpark and bring them to your next event,” said Shawn Mattox, General Manager for Delaware North Companies Sportservice who operates the truck service. “Wether it’s a company picnic, a family event, a birthday party for a graduation party,  it’s all about bringing the food experience from Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to you, through one of our customizable catering packages.”

Look for all the new menu items here tomorrow, and happy holidays! Opening day is Friday, April 5, 2013.


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