Gallery Walk: Special Art Edition

by Erica Guajardo
Laura Rathe Fine Art: Roy James: “Duality”
On Saturday, April 6th, the galleries on Dragon Street open their doors once again to show Dallas what is trending in the art world.  Although we tend to walk the shows with knowledge of what galleries specialize in what type of art, last gallery walk we notice a new addition to the experience.  Laura Rathe Fine Art is a space which dazzles in the horizon line because it features a gallery space that is two stories.
Opening their second exhibition this weekend to highlight the works of Roi James, which depicts meditative abstract paintings and wood wall sculptures, surrendering the artist thoughts and emotions.   Allowing the artist to be hypnotized the viewer with movement within.  Come visit the solo exhibition Roy James: “Duality”, located at  1130 Dragon Street from 6-9pm.   
Mary Tomás Gallery: “New Works”
One reason that we write about the gallery walk on CraveDFW is because we are trying to build exposure to the arts in Dallas and educate individuals on what really happens during the gallery walk nights.  As I walked through the gallery space with Mr.Tomás, we spoke about the feeling of intimidatation and how the walks may appear to some.  For many the first time of this experience can be weary because the individual may be unsure on what to expect from the crowd and from the owners.  My personal experience is that no matter if I have been in a t-shirt and jeans or in a dress with heels, the galleries, especially Mary Tomás Gallery welcomes each viewer with open arms.  It is not always about the materialistic side of what the arts have to offer, but also education.
This particular show is a collaboration of what eight different artist have to offer the scene.   From Grethe Haggerty’s emotional masked valued around one hundred dollars to other profound artist in the thousands dollar range, there is something for all price ranges.
An art statement that stood out to me in this gallery space are the works of Neil Walker.  Opening the viewers eyes to his Gyre Series, he explains the damaging effects of what plastic pollution does to the ocean gyres.  Creating all paints from recycled materials really shows what an artist calls a tool.  Please visit 1110 Dragon Street Bld 1080 from 6-9pm to learn about all eight artist on show.
Circuit 12: Celebrates 1 year
A year ago, Dragon Street welcomed a new gallery named Circuit 12.   Opening their eyes to how art directors from the Miami scene, can influence the Dallas scene.  This particular gallery has created an image of contemporary art which tend to lean more towards the geometric side of things.  Jamie Treadwell, Patrick Martinez along with multiple other artist that have shown in the past year, return as a tribute to celebrate great success.
One thing that set this gallery apart from the others is the innovative ideas to change who comes to Dragon Street and how they experience art.  Taking a page from their experience in Miami, they have created a “ultra lounge” experience with “The Official Design District Art Walk After Party” starting at 9pm.  Selecting musicians and DJ’s which compliment their style of art, walkers can continue to enjoy their night while having fine art around them.

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