craveRADIO: Sunday April 7

07_2013_04_Crave_Radio_Houser-1223-8by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

This week on craveRADIO we featured chef Chad Houser who was in studio to discuss Café Momentum, his year old project that trains young men from the Dallas Youth Village in the culinary arts, and gives them a leg up and valuable life skills. Along with Chad was his lovely daughter, Lilia, who discussed her competition in the state UIL one-act play and representing locally WT White High School.  



Chef Chad detailed his history and gave a cool shout out to Parigi where he formerly worked as chef and part owner.

Also in the studio with us was Kevin Kennedy from Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve who shared not only several nice bottles of his wine, but educated us in his brand that included a wonderful Cabernet, Chardonnay and a Merlot. In this segment Mondo Mike learned that Merlot was a type of grape and not the person who invented the wine, which is actually a good experience because not everyone is up on their wine knowledge like our resident wine expert Kenny Kucwaj. This is exactly why we host these people who have great knowledge, but do not over speak the subject.



In the final hour we also had on competitive eater Alex Perez who just came from a sushi eating contest. Perez is always fun to chat with. The former Marine is looking to compete in many more competitions in the coming months, and we will have him back in studio soon to do some on air chowing.

Listen to the rebroadcast and join us next week when we will be hosting a group of brewmasters, feature a new restaurant that is about to open in the Dallas area, and discuss the Dallas Brew Tour.

Listen to the broadcast here: Crave Radio Houser 4 -7 -13

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