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ascension3by Angela Hopkins

Just at the four month mark, this two year concept in the making hit Dallas Café lovers, with a new twist on a traditional love.  Ascension Coffee is more than coffee.

We asked our Barista, and who would have known the owner was standing next to her, “what would you recommend, this is our first time?”  With a popular vote from the best sales to the best ingredients I warmed my hands on the Chai Latte with Almond Milk and my sidekick entertained the Quartado.  We were told the Almond Milk is soon to be made in house.  They also carry moo moo milk as I call it, and soy.  Both were to our liking, so after 30 minutes we ordered another round.     


There is much to choose from including espresso and single origin coffees from tiny farms in places like the Congo, Rwanda and Costa Rica.  Indian Tea leaves roasted and brewed.  Do you have a preference?  Maybe trying something new is in your cards with a variety of English, Breakfast, Classic Chai, Green, Chamomile and Fruit Teas. I felt like I was in the bulk section of Central Market.  I thought to myself when I approached the pick-up bar, “Oh Wow.  Wine and Spirits too?”  The slow bar reminded me of a distillery tour.  Single cup, four techniques.  French Press, Siphon, Chemex and V60.  I would love to tell you all about them.  At this point I felt like a sponge in bathtub.

But wait, there is more.  (Did you do the infomercial voice?  Hee Hee)  Brunch on the weekends, a lunch menu, and then a transformation at dusk for dinner service.  The entire place changes everything from the boards on the bar to the napkins on the tables, and the servers have different colored aprons.  This two-in-one idea has really caught on across the States and helps revenue.  With a flare of fine dining in a casual setting you can caffeinate an appetite.

After a brief look at the Lunch Menu, mostly Paninis, the effort of Ascension to make this more than just a coffee shop is apparent.  Eric Justice, the in house chef and partner of Ascension, does not disappoint.  With quality ingredients such as imported Buffalo Mozzerella, bread from Empire, tuna from Spain, and in house prepared jams.  Lunch dates, get ready.  Personally I would go back for dinner.  The focus from espresso to wine and small cheese plates to lamb sausage and prosciutto e amici, seem a little more romantic.  Ian, the second level Sommelier on staff, is delightful and informative.  He is usually available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at Ascension and will let you know he enjoys finding the smaller wines.  Such as the wine “Poured by the Glass” Rotates such as “III, 3, Three” Blend by Matt Cline.


Ascension greets you with all-natural materials.  With an all walnut and granite bar, the countertops are aesthetically pleasing.  Absolutely no plastic.  This very well thought out establishment will not even carry guns for sodas or mixes, just bottles.

Available products for your at home slow bar is sold by the half pound to a full pound, including recently offered teas.  Also check out the art.  We walked the Walls, yes, purchase info and prices listed from local artists.

Just for giggles the internet passwords on the post, yes and posted, in the middle of the café, “deathbeforedecaf” is about the most clever way to note, they are serious about the espresso jolt!

Parking can be quite the nuisance.  Valet is available and if that is not your forte, travel around the back side of Bobois Apartments, and find 55 spaces that are labeled “retail” just for you.

Just a helpful note, Sundays they close at 6pm so the employees can enjoy an evening off.

Ascension Coffee | 1621 Oak Lawn, Dallas | 214.741.3211


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