Sandaga 813 Blows Its Horn

IMG_9957by Mary Szefcyk

Tuesday nights are reserved for taking in live Jam sessions at Sandaga 813 which is located on Exposition near Fair Park.  Nothing more; nothing less.   Do not come expecting dinner or hand-crafted cocktails (note that the pours are strong), but do partake in some of the most remarkable Jazz creative improvisation.  A $5 cover not only gets your soul cranked with unforgettable exquisite duets and solos performed by innovators of immense music powers.  In jazz creative input is egalitarian. Let’s face it, jazz invented cool and why not take in some of this entertainment that this stage has to offer.  


The Dallas jazz scene is underrated and misunderstood.  What I have experienced in this sanctuary for local Dallas jazz performers plus many others like Grammy award winning legends (Wynton Marsalis) show up on stage is superior and up-lifting.  If you need a break from the live show, step outdoors and enjoy the wide and spacious patio.  Movies playing on the side of the building, DJ in the corner and fire pits roaring.

Each week is different and innovating, non-stop no pressure systematically flow of execution. Music lovers are invited to sit down and enjoy the vibe and musicians are encouraged to jump in on the action.  Each session is possessed with soulful emotional beauty, and you never know who will steal the show (all work worth seeking out).



There is never a dull moment here with the solo artists changing, beats flowing, and music never stops.  Sometimes high-performance shows are simply folks getting ready for recording new albums or simple practice sessions for upcoming tours.  Freddie Jones, trumpet player and song writer, recently filled the room with energy, blazing his amazing musical gift.  My personal favorite Dallas “Bell of the Ball” LaLa J stepped in on the mic.

A recent evening was complete taking in her vocals.  Join the DMA Thursday April 18th from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. and appreciate LaLa J performing tribute to legendary Ella Fitzgerald and you will get what I am raving about.



Another noted legit intake was on a Saturday evening at Sangada 813 included another cool creative scene that was on the same level of Tuesday night Jazz but with paint strokes instead of music notes.  Live collaborative art creation with local free style artist’s known as the “Just Us League” and sounds from “DJ Night Nurse” came together creating a masterpiece to be auctioned off for Charity.  I conversed with one of the team members Michael Lagocki and he stated “the live art movement that’s been very much a part of this city’s life blood in the last 5 to 10 years will ultimately owe a debt of gratitude to those who documented it. These experiences are NOT just about the final piece, but have a LOT to do with the feel and vibe of every step along the way. These weren’t created in a solo studio. They were created among the life and hustle and noise of public spaces, movement, and creation that builds one stroke and one beat at a time”.

The  Music and Art influence is obviously making an impact and Sangada is the place to take it all in.

If you want a night off from your cookie cutter scene in Dallas come together at Sandaga 813.  This truly is the place to feel the utterly and completely jazz-forward effort here in Dallas. Let’s help this movement and put Dallas jazz scene back on the map.

Sandaga 813 | 813 Exposition Ave, Dallas | 214.315.0741


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  1. ashley

    Just FYI the name is spelled throughout this article…it’s Sandaga, not Sangada.

  2. Tiffany

    An Exemplary Article, A Must Read

  3. Rose

    Thanks for uncovering this underground scene! I very much enjoy jazz and blues and have always had to travel to other cities to enjoy it. Maybe it was easier to find because I could just google it. Or maybe Dallas is becoming that much more cooler. Your pictures are vivid and looks like a lot of fun. Ill def come check this out!

  4. Has this always been true?

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