Chopped Judge Cooks In Dallas This Friday

COVERby Andrew Chalk

Action item: Make a reservation right away at Komali this Friday for a special menu cooked by Maneet Chauhan, who is stopping in Dallas on a coast-to-coast trip promoting her book “‘Flavors of My World”. Right now she can be seen as a judge on Chopped and has previously been a recipient of the James Beard Award for Excellence, a participant on Iron Chef, and a recent guest The View

There is a special menu of three courses, plus a complimentary cocktail and wine pairing, plus a signed copy of her book, plus a chance to ask her the questions you have always wanted to put to a judge on Chopped or a contestant in Iron Chef. It is all for $95 (plus tax and tip). Choose your time as there is open seating from 6pm to 10:30pm.
This is what I would call a “special evening”. I can’t remember anything close to it in Dallas and I don’t foresee anything like it happening again soon.

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