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3of1aby Erica Guajardo

In families sometimes, artistic talents are pushed with in a group of siblings so that a bond can develop which will help the progression of the group grow.   Since I have started writing, I have come across a number of families which push their artistic talents together as group, so that each member can develop a name for themselves.  But one particular band of brothers whom stood out to me was the Davies Brothers.  Joshua, Isaac, and Jerrod Davies are a group of brothers, which are more commonly known as 3of1.  What makes them different compared to the other groups that I have come across is that they have developed a business aspect towards art which allow them to tackle any project which is thrown their way. 

Having a background in murals, body art, digital design, fine art, clothing, branding, and music, there is little this group of brothers cannot handle.  Although each brother holds an expertise that the others may not be as proficient, each work together like a check and balance system to ensure the best overall look for the client as possible.


Through many of my articles, you may find me ranting and pushing philanthropic ways that an artist can get involved within their community.  One reason I speak so openly about this is because it is important to stay active as an artist and place yourself in front of people that may be able to help you in the future.  During the interview with “3of1”, I asked them “why do you feel the group has been so successful?”  With a reply which states how the experience they have gained in the past ten years of business has taught them that collaborating with other artist and non-profits would open up more opportunities for them to be put in the public eye.  They prove how success can come from giving back to the community.



Originally working for the chance to get involved, now they have been able to move to commission work, which help develop the cities mural projects and develop impressive private projects.   Since they are able to work with multiple artists, they have found themselves growing a fan base not only in Dallas, but nationally, which allows them to create projects with major leading companies like Modelo, Dallas Museum of Art, and The Mavericks; something that many artists would like to aspire to be like.

In the past couple of years, they have developed a non-profit organization called the “Just-us League” which has local artist merge together on an oversize canvas, to produce a work of art, which can be donated to a charity for a great cause.  Since creating art works like this, they have been able to donate sums of money, which reach numbers of $10,000 for a single donation to an organization.  Donations like these break numbers for artistic contributions in Texas by a single group, allowing them to push the word that giving back can make a difference.

The Davies Brothers are a true example of the positive aspects of what a group can become when they “keep their eyes on the prize” and contribute to their community.    To celebrate the progression of 3of1, remember to stop by your local pub, which carries Modelo on Tap in the month of May, here you will find a limited edition cup by each brother.


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