Mondo Goes To Ginger Browns

gb1by Mondo Mike

Okay, seeing as how this is my first craveDFW review we are heading west, young folks! And that means going to Lake Worth, and as any local will tell you that also means going to Ginger Browns. Or as the locals say, “Jinjuh Browns”.

The restaurant is nestled in a strip mall next to an Albertson off of Jacksboro Highway and you can’t miss the distinguishing sign. In addition parking is always a beast because Ginger Browns is that good.       


I’m here for lunch and the Food Gods were smiling on me this day because Chicken ‘n Dumplins were part of the lunch specials. For me, a menu has become obsolete in this case. Nice big chunks of chicken, great pillowy dumplings, perfect gravy. I also ordered the fried squash and taters and gravy. A complimentary cinnamon roll (which is Ginger Browns signature item) also came with my lunch. Lunch was served fresh and hot, within 5 minutes of my order as a matter of fact.

The yeast rolls served as a great mop to finish off the gravy and I must say, although the mashed potatoes were a little cold, they were excellent. Oh, and if you end up sitting in a booth, there are Seeburg Consolettes at every booth. Little old time radios where you can listen to lots of old music from the comfort of your table, all for the cost of a quarter. But waitaminute. If you are *ahem* larger than, say, a size 38 pant size, maybe you’d be better off sitting at a table. Just saying.



Are you sitting down? That cinnamon roll? I wish I could say Damnation in every language in the world. Worth the trip just for that alone. Yeasty, buttery, cinnamony, sweety, deliciousy. And also nice and warm. I wanted to unwrap every layer and sleep on the floor with it. But I polished it off before that thought came to me.

Friend, if you are heading out to parts west… Weatherford… Abilene… Las Vegas, please make a stop at Ginger Browns in Lake Worth. Mondo Has Spoken.

Ginger Browns Olde Tyme Restaurant and Bakery | 6312 Lake Worth Blvd, Lake Worth | 817-237-2114

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