Great Day Out Dept.: Way Out Wineries Summertime Cook-Off Road Trip

BarkingRocksby Andrew Chalk

See more of this great state with a full day road trip. One way to do it is to tour the “Way Out Wineries” (essentially the wineries south and southwest of Dallas, within approximately a 100 mile radius). Recommended in this gang:

Barking Rocks: Best Doggie Place. Seriously, the tasting room is open so the dog can come in and sniff around and meet the winery dog ‘cellar’. To see how hippies age, ask for Tiberia. People describe nearby county town Granbury as quaint too, with its square and courthouse. Babe’s chicken is just off the square. 

Brennan Vineyards: Try their Texas Viognier. I think that this wine is one of the wines that will put Texas wine on the national map.

Lost Oak Winery: Lots of awards from as far afield as the SFO Wine Competition!

Combine these wineries with Texas barbecue for lunch. Consult Daniel Vaughn’s entrails for the best.


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