The Ultimate List Of The 10 Best Burgers In Dallas

shadys2by Steven Doyle

Narrowing down the very best burger in Dallas has always been a chore. The last time we tried to name the five best the list zoomed past five and slid into home base at twenty-five. Even at twenty-five we missed some burgers we adore. Then the list was tainted by time and the ravels of new burger joints opening across town.

Today marks another National Burger Day holiday (we officially recognize a pair of these holidays) which gives us yet another shot at plowing through a few burger filled weekends to bring a freshly appointed list. And this time we stopped at ten. No take backs until the next round of burger days appear on the calendar unless we make up another burger day like Hallmark makes up their special reasons for greeting cards (I am looking at you Quatro de Mayo and Decemberween). 

burger offsite

Our favorite burger is rather elusive with its availability. You may purchase this burger as an early lunch (opens at 10:30am), lunch (busiest during noontime rush), or as a late lunch (open until 3:00pm). But never on Sunday. Off Site Kitchen has everything a burger should be: hot fresh juiciness and a killer bun. The added toppings are merely a bonus round in the game of burger happiness. Look for a second location in the Trinity Groves area very soon.


Maple and Motor gets a daily recommendation from the staff at craveDFW. We love the sloppy goodness presented on a platter, often adorned with fresh grilled jalapenos or a fried egg for good measure. Order it pink and with extra mustard for the perfect Dallas-style burger.

good friend

Good Friend Beer Garden and Burger House has pretty damned good burgers. There are even new versions that are offered on occasion just to confuse your burger planet. Savor  the El jefe which is laden deep with slices of smoked brisket, bacon, jack and Swiss cheeses. Fantastic beer list, and each burger is offered a suggested pairing for good measure.


Wingfield’s continues to warm our hearts (and most assuredly clog it with the burgers mammoth delicious patty. Extra points for frying what would be very typical Ore-Ida crinkle cut fries in a vat of bacon flavored oil. A single burger and fries will tip the scale just over a single pound. Good luck with that.


Hopdoddy has good meat. They grind their beef fresh daily alongside their in-house baked buns. These are terrific burgers which often comes with a long wait, like its sister stand in Austin. Decent local beer selection, but nothing crazy. We really like the El Diablo which has its share of ass-sizzling Serrano and habanero peppers. But also try the Greek burger which is made with lamb, or the ahi tuna burger that tastes very much like a California roll.


Liberty Burger is as solid of a burger you will be able to scout. Now a local chain with a duo of locations, look for more Liberty to be spread wherever there is justice to be found. The Baby Bella is topped with plenty of baby Portobello mushrooms (otherwise known as creminis in the free world), queso blanco, a giant onion ring and a basil aioli for added flavor enhancement. Look for the limited time only series of burgers for a crazy food buzz that will make your office mates green with lunch envy.


Ten Bells Tavern makes everything taste delicious, and the burger is no exception. Dine freely on the half pound burger with grilled onions and smoked cheddar. Simply what a burger should be. Tuesday is burger day each week where you can make off with a burger, house-made fries and a local beer for $10.


The Dairy-Ette has been around for over 55 years serving terrific burgers and homemade root beer. Yea, they are still good.


Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco is home to the Bacon and Egg Burger that is sauced with a Béarnaise (fancy). Damned good burger larger appetites may wish to sample the El Jeffe (popular among burger titles in the Metroplex and those that love to watch The Three Amigos). This giant amongst burgers is made with three pounds of beef, a half-pound of bacon and many other silly ingredients that add up to a whopping 7,000 calories and $50. Why not take two for the road?


Shady’s Burger Joint is the latest entry into the great burger race, but let’s face it we will eat at all the joints. Dallas makes some great burgers, and so does Richardson. Get down with the El Shady (ahh see what they did there?) which is a certified angus beef burger topped with chorizo, a fried egg, fresh cheddar cheese and grilled jalapenos.


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36 responses to “The Ultimate List Of The 10 Best Burgers In Dallas

  1. budziak

    Exactly what I was looking for and I wasn’t even looking for it! Burgers was just a dinner idea until I saw this post and knew it was meant to be!

  2. And when will there be a “Best of the West”?

  3. Best burger is the wood grilled one at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, cooked to order with homemade pickles, and fresh cut fries. Also, great burgers at Snuffers, wonderful poppy seed buns, fries are fresh cut.

    • Foodie-K

      If you try even half of the burger joints on this list (which I have), you’ll realize that Sniffers doesn’t even come close in comparison. On a positive note, their “best in the USA Cheddar Fries” go well with anything on their menu!

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  5. JT

    Your list is different than D Magazine’s 10 best, not that D’s list sets the standard for everyone. Another local magazine or newspaper would probably come up with another top 10 list so my guess is there is no better than a top 40 list.

    • We have a crack team of burger eaters employed at craveDFW. We are not certain of this magazine you speak of.

      • haaa! i like this answer.

        I also like this list except my son and I were reading it together to pick a place to eat tonight and now I’m stuck, yet again, going to freakin’ Dairyette b/c the kid now realizes and argues that its a “legit” burger place since it’s on this list. thx. I wish Liberty was closer.

      • Luke

        Soo…. are you looking for more burger testers? Cause I could totally do that job.

  6. Nathalie and Martin

    Great article! We will love trying them all out

  7. Marcelle

    Have had the Shady Burger and it is good, but the Onion rings there are the best along with the Frozen Margarita’s!! I usually am an “On the Rocks” girl, but I will go with their Frozen one’s here ~Excellent!!!! P.S. Where is Adair’s burger on your list ?

    • Went to Shady Burger, they refuse to cook their burgers to order, only well done and medium well, of course, the burger was dry and tasteless, would not go back.

  8. True there’s fantastic burgers west of OSK but the title of the article did say the 10 best in Dallas. Steve if you ever want to do a Ft. Worth list, I’d be happy to take you on a tour.

  9. Ned Henry

    The only problems with this list are the inclusion of Liberty Burger (bad grind, and lack of flexibility for the customer at a place called Liberty) and the exclusion of Lee Harvey’s and Lakewood Landing.

  10. cisco kid

    Jakes…DFW institution and “the works” always a delicious burger. The Chop House in Arlington brisket in the burger delicous. Bone Daddys Cheeseburger cooked on BBQ grill. Smoke restaraunt in Dallas fantastic burger. And LA Burger in Carrollton Korean Bulgogi + fried egg on burger yeah

    • Gabe

      Jakes burgers are only cooked well done, too dry. Instead go to Dell’s, cooked to order any way you want it.

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  12. Raj

    Burgers & Brats
    Voted 1st Denton county best burger 2013.
    Try Crime scene burger, South bound, Long & winding road, garlic burger..
    Best burger & Philly steak in town!
    6100 Long Prairie rd #300
    Flower mound, TX 75028

  13. Bert Earnie

    Haystack in Richardson Heights. Not on the list? Then the list is a fail…. To bad so sad…

  14. Del’s Burgers – Richardson


  15. Reblogged this on kevinahomes and commented:
    Liberty Burger should be higher!

  16. mrbigjake

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  17. Hey you forgot about Muddbones in Bonham!!

  18. Mitchell Olson

    Why is Keller’s not on this list???

  19. Audie Wigley

    JC’s Burger House has to be mentioned here. It predates all of these sites. It uses the best, highest grade beef and uses a special multi step process to grind their meat fresh every morning. I have never heard of anyone using their grinding technique. I know that many have copied or attempted to copy their techniques and success.

  20. Joe

    I thought we were discussing Burgers

  21. Victor

    OFF SITE KITCHEN IS THE BEST BURGER EVER!! Sorry , just hungry… But it is VERY GOOD!!

  22. schaneil

    Where r u guys located in dallas

  23. Gabe

    Beck’s Prime, best burger in Dallas. Burgers are cooked to order, any way you want it, cooked over mesquite for good grilled flavor, served on sesame seed buns, and fresh cut fries, not frozen.

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  25. I’ve been a fan of Dairy-Ette soince I was a kid. Now I take my 11 year old son and we both pretty much agree that it’s the best damned burger there is. 😉

  26. Patti Salmon

    The infamous “Captain Kutchie Pelaez”.! That’s it!! I just got it!…It just popped into my head, right-out of the blue!
    I can’t believe that we have all been so stupid for the past 20 or so years about something that was right in front of our noses. Elder, you hit the nail on the head! Can’t you all see it?..Elder called the mystery key lime pie man “The Infamous Captain Kutchie Pelaez”. Can all of you Morons see it now? It’s just Brilliant, just Brilliant Elder. Elder called Kutchie Pelaez…..”The INfamous Captain Kutchie Pelaez”!!!..INFAMOUS! That’s It!!! INFAMOUS, INFAMOUS Means
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