Haystack Burger and Barley Opens In Richardson

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Recently we published a list of our ten favorite burgers in Dallas. The list included mostly mom and pop operations, some who have been in business for as long as 55 years. In the past few years Dallas has become a Mecca of burgers, which certainly cannot be a bad thing. We all love a good burger, and they are certainly fun to compare and contrast the flavors of beef, bun and oozing ingredients.

Yesterday we paid a visit to a new burger outlet that only recently opened for business in Richardson. Needless to say we loved what we found or you would not be reading this text today. Haystack Burgers and Barley is owned by couples  Kevin and Jenny Galvan and Rob and Christine Wondoloski.      


The vision to open this burger restaurant at the Richardson location may seem odd to some when you look at the majority of tenants that are of Indian descent marketing to mainly Desi guests who are knot known for their burger prowess, but when you notice the construction taking place in the middle of the shopping center you quickly realize the genius behind the move. Alamo Draft House is expected to open in August just feet away from the new burger joint, bringing plenty of beef eating guests to their front door.

Although we were delighted by the quality of the food, and it is pretty terrific, what amazed us most were the vast selections of some special brews, most of which are local.


Ask any small restaurant why their draft list is so tiny and they will note that space is a premium. This is something the Haystack owners dealt with, and carry a dozen quality local beers including premium selections from Peticolas (yes, Velvet Hammer tops the list), Lakewood, Revolver, Four Corners, Deep Ellum, and Fraconia.

The bottle list is equally impressive with selections on the list such as Ommegang Three Philosophers, Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet, Left Coast Asylum and so many more.

Do not think because we drone on about the beer selection that this is some sort of burger speak easy. Consider Haystack a family friendly environment with killer burgers such as the Barn Burner – think Chipotle Mayo, Grilled Poblano, Pico and Pepperjack Cheese, served with a side of queso for good measure. The burger is perfectly grilled for a slightly spicy mouth action that will griddle your buns.




We were particularly thrilled with the Chicken Fried Burger, a sinful plate that will have us all going back for more in the very near future. The best part of the burger, besides the burger itself, is the sloppy good jalapeno-bacon cream gravy. It is worth the trip to Richardson all by itself.


There always seems to be some sort of Achilles Heel when it comes to a burger bar, and often it is the fries. Rest assured the fries are house-made, crispy and delicious. The Haystack Onions are really nice too.

Check out Haystack Burgers and Barley for some really good burgers, and insane beer selection and some decent cocktails. Unfortunately, we have to wait for August to catch a flick after dinner.

Haystack Burgers and Barley | 100 S Central Expwy, Richardson | 972.479.9424


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