You Can Now Find Shiner Smokehouse Sausages In The DFW Area

pateks1by Jennifer Thomas

Just in time for your holiday cookout Shiner Smokehouse, the family owned sausagery, announces its line of homemade, family recipe products will be available at all major area Kroger stores beginning June 26. Just in time for grilling season, Shiner Smokehouse favorites including the Original Smoked Sausage, Beer Brat, made with Shiner Bock beer, and Country Style Smokies will be hitting shelves.

The Shiner Smokehouse brand began as the Patek’s Family Grocery and Meat Market, where the house-made meats were a favorite, drawing locals and out-of-town customers alike. Working in his family’s store since he was in fourth grade, it has been Brian’s lifelong dream to share his family’s house made recipes beyond the small-town Shiner store.


“Growing up, no matter how tired I was from a high school football game the night before, at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday I was in the store working,” says Brian Patek. It was this work ethic that drove Brian to help create the brand that Shiner Smokehouse is today.

Brian Patek founded Shiner Smokehouse four generations after his great-grandparents immigrated to Texas from Czechoslovakia in pursuit of the American Dream. Combining the flavors of Czechoslovakia and Texas, the Patek family sausages soon became a staple in the small town. Grandpa Joe Patek, founder of Patek’s Family Grocery and Meat Market, was also known for being a platinum recording polka artist in the 1940s. The Joe Patek Orchestra continued recording until the 1980s, making their polka music synonymous with their sausages, combining their Czech heritage with Texas traditions.


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  1. Willie

    Ok. I am from Hallettsville, Texas and yeah I tasted some of those jalapeño sausages and boy were they good. Then the next time I tried them, they didn’t taste the same. Please try for more consistency. Let keep representing.

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