You’ve Gotta Try Some WOATS

DSC08300by Steven Doyle

Justin Anderson was but a lad of 16 when he decided to take over his mother’s kitchen and create a soft granola snack. Justin was wearing braces on his teeth at the time and the young scout had a flair for making things happen even at an early age. After borrowing $500 from his grandmother his brand of trail mix was born.

Flash forward to more modern times and Justin is still rather young (a mere 26), but recently started selling a new soft oats mix called WOATS in Central Market who has an exclusive on the product for now. Soon the WOATS will enjoy a wide distribution.  

woatsWOATS are meant to be eaten out of hand, and the soft mix is clumped for easy snacking. We sampled a few flavors such as the Nuts About Berry which is a mix of roasted praline pecans, tangy cranberries in an oat and honey blend.

One of our favorites is the Cookies ‘N’ Dream which has giant shards of chocolate crème filled cookies in the oat blend. There is also a peanut butter version.

Starting out so young Justin has a kinship with children and has been giving inspirational talks at schools in the area and will soon take his show on the road and across the country, hoping to inspire our youth to grasp their dreams and make good on them

The WOATS website also has space where you can nominate high schoolers for a $1000 scholarship.

Your oats have never tasted so well.

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