We Celebrate Addison’s Kaboom Town With A Contest

fireworks-3by Steven Doyle

Summer 201 marches along and we have a bit of a reprieve from the blasting heat we have been experiencing. This happens just in time for the family picnics and outings in celebration of Independence Day. One of the biggest celebrations in the North Texas area is Addison’s Kaboom Town this July 3rd. With cooler temps more people will seek the perfect spot to watch what is included in the top ten fireworks displays in the country. But this year is a bit different than in years past. Stay with us to find out the details and how you can win some fun Kaboom Town prizes. 

I order to alleviate the growing traffic concerns admission to the watching grounds will be limited, so you will need to make plans early to gain access to the activities and bands inside the grounds near Addison Circle.

This year more restaurants and pubs will be stepping up their activities to entertain you and your guests. Parking is always a premium, so you will want to arrive early. There are plenty of activities happening including one amazing air show to entertain the crowds that arrive before the fireworks.

We had Richard Chamberlain on our craveRADIO program yesterday and he said that at his Chamberlains Fish Market located directly under the sweet spot for viewing the fireworks he will be hosting a party for his guests, and also offering up a special 3 course dinner. You will want to call for reservations.

We have several gift cards for restaurants to give away for the big day including Lazaranda, Thai Orchid, McFadden’s and Texas de Brazil. To win one of the cards make a comment below. We will select a random person for each card and have them available Tuesday afternoon for pick up.  Have a safe and happy holiday!



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36 responses to “We Celebrate Addison’s Kaboom Town With A Contest

  1. MJ

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Oh, please, pick me! 🙂

  2. Martin

    Fireworks and food, what could be more American? 🙂

  3. Kammy Dismuke

    Addison, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. <3

  4. Katy Morrow

    Love Crave. We will be out for the fireworks. Feed us!!

  5. Ken Panosh

    I’m in for the draw.

  6. Suzanne L.

    Yay Fireworks!

  7. I need a hunka hunka burning meat love! <3

  8. SK

    Love Kaboomtown & go every year! Pick me 🙂

  9. Fireworks make me happy 🙂

  10. Mark Turner

    Taking the kid out to see his first fireworks. Addison does a great job.

  11. Tim

    Pick me! Pick me!

  12. Christopher Stone

    Oh, yes please!

  13. rey guerrero

    A couple of more days and we will be watching a great fireworks display. Thank you Addison.

  14. Amanda Jekel

    So excited for Kaboom Town! Pick me to make it a perfect night 🙂

  15. Jeanette Jones

    What a great town to live in, so resident friendly, with plenty of things to do to provide great fun for it’s residents and others, too!

  16. HayleyLeverett

    Very Excited!! Can’t Wait!!

  17. Allison Lloyd

    What a fantastic evening. We’d love to be chosen.

  18. Kristiahna Clark

    This sounds fantastic! Addison is such a great city. So much to do and I think my family would really enjoy this. Kaboom town it is! 🙂

  19. angela

    I go every year!

  20. Mike

    The fireworks would be just the right “spark” to put my relationship with my wife back on track.

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  22. I’ve never been and was REALLY hoping to see the fireworks this year! Kaboom!

  23. Susan Boatwright

    I’d love to win!

  24. Marla Z

    I love Kaboom Town! Thanks for a great contest!

  25. Adina

    I would love to win!!

  26. Danica

    Lets celebrate America!

  27. serena dang

    Would live to win a memorable fourth of july, thank you!

  28. Mo

    Happy Independence Day!

  29. We have loved Kaboom Town ever since we took our very little kids to see it!

  30. Jinga

    I want in on this.

  31. and Kaboom goes the dynamite.

  32. I remember Kaboom Town from it’s fledgling days ;oh how it has changed. Setting up lawn chairs anywhere on Belt Line Rd that we could see the fireworks with our family and friends is a great memory. Then the Park days of blankets,coolers and our now older kids and their friends; too bad it now has limitations but do understand . Love 4th of July and love the Kaboom Town experience. I hope to win one of the CRAVE prizes. . .

  33. Sam

    New reader here. Love what I see. I like the info without the mean ‘tude others seem to have in Dallas. Can you say REFRESHING. Put me in the drawing.

  34. Suzie Smith

    Can’t wait for tonight!!! Kaboom Town 2013!!!!

  35. Mad Molly

    Traffic would improve at this event if the Addison Police would leave the traffic lights ON and let the public do what they do every day during rush hour. Police directing traffic is what causes most of the delay and it is insane when you have to be stuck for an hour just to go half a mile and they won’t let anyone go north!

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