A Sneak Peek At Truck Park On Greenville Ave

DSC08771by Steven Doyle

If you have been around the construction of the new Trader Joes on Greenville Avenue you may have noticed across Sears Street to the south there is a little shack undergoing some renovations. That would be Jason Boso’s Truck Park, a unique blend of food trucks, a Philly Cheesesteak stand, a bar, and a tree house. Boso likens the new venture to a super cool clubhouse not too unlike the Little Rascals might have had if they could drink booze. Also sans that whole He-Man Woman Hater’s Club thing, too. We are pretty sure there will be plenty of women carousing around the Boso club. 


The Cheesesteak restaurant is called Steak me Home Tonight, and those sandwiches will be made in front for all to see. A giant slab of beef will be sliced to order and Boso plans to use either provolone or Cheez Wiz. Very authentic touch.

Boso called up a few uber bartenders to ensure that the clubhouse had fine libations, and in this case he is using both Jason Kosmos and the sweet Emily Perkins, the talented ultra-hip Portland transplant bartender who works the bar at Victor Tango. Perkins also worked the bar menu at HG Sply located just across Greenville Avenue.

There will be plenty of taps for beer, 23 in all with a few premix cocktails on hand. Then there are the super strong drinks blended in house and bottled in these cute 8 ouncers.



As if this wasn’t enough, look for the beaten Airstream that will act as a white trash bar, replete with canned beers. Then we have the tree house we have all been hearing about. There is a huge assed tree on the compound that will have an honest-to-goodness house built around it and will seat 14. We have visions of falling drunks, but Boso assures us it will be safe for all. He speculates he may even add a rope driven dumb waiter for bringing up and down supplies.

Boso is calling on a few local food trucks to plant semi-permanently on the premises. There you will most likely find burgers, tacos and the like. For those in need of cooling off, you will enjoy the fact that Carnival Barker Ice Cream will now headquarter out of this facility. A betting man might prove wise in suggesting that the cream will show up at Twisted Root’s everywhere. That would be a good thing for all.


DSC08775Soon to be a tree house

As Boso addressed the handful of media that showed up for his conference and walk through, you could see genuine excitement in his eyes as he spoke about his latest venture. This is an obviously labor of love and it shows. At the end of the conference, he was off to open his latest Twisted Root. This time in Carrollton. Look for truck park to open sometime in August.


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