craveRADIO: Meet Bob Sambol and Omar Yeefoon

cr3by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

This weekend on craveRADIO we hosted Dallas restaurant legend Bob Sambol, who is currently  working with the myriad of restaurateurs soon to open in Trinity Groves in West Dallas. Sambol has this amazing past, and discussed both his highs and lows in the industry. Since a young age he enjoyed the trappings of running a restaurant, and had the good fortune to work for many of the nation’s best as this amazing front of the house man, a talent that he is sharing with a new flock of first time restaurant owners.

Sambol discussed the birth of his restaurant, Bob’s Steak and Chop House in Dallas, and gave us a fun bird’s eye view how he took the restaurant from just a few covers a night to a multi-million dollar operation. He also talks about his struggle with gambling and how he is able to deal with his personal demons which made for some compelling radio.  


Also on the program we had in another fantastic local barman, Omar Yeefoon from this year’s runaway sensation, Smyth which is located just off Knox on Travis. There he leads a team that creates amazing cocktails that have been catered to the guest’s personal taste in drinks. Smyth is a reservation bar, although not necessary for entry, you might find yourself locked out once the room hits its very small capacity. This keeps the experience extremely intimate, and the staff is better able to personalize your evening.


Yeefoon brought in fellow barman Josh Hendrix, who also works at Smyth, and together they created a Pisco Sour using Yeefoo’s recipe he gathered from his recent trip to Peru where the drink has its origins. Listen in and find out why we call this the Year of Omar.

You can hear the rebroadcast of Sunday’s program where we also discuss our week’s restaurant experiences, and also hear Melissa’s Buzz where she counts down a handful of fun activities that you will not want to miss. Also, Uno Immanivong discusses her recent victory at Fork Fight and tells us about some of her new dishes she has planned for the next round in Trinity Groves. We also get a short visit from 9-year old Epicurious Emma who shares her weekly foodie experiences.


We also had one of our listeners stop in to feed us her homemade baked ziti, along with platters of her sausages and meatballs, and the most incredible braciole in Sunday Gravy. Thank you Paula Mele! We love our crave listeners.

Be sure to listen in next week where we will have another pair of extraordinary guests and so much more on 1190am from 4 to 6pm, or listen live on from your smartphone or computer.

Missed the show? Don’t despair! Hear it now: 


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3 responses to “craveRADIO: Meet Bob Sambol and Omar Yeefoon

  1. Seriously, Sean, you glamorize Sambol? I am all for giving second chances, but this guy is a fraud. He owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to “friends” who he solicited funds from for projects that he never intended to do to pay his gambling debts and put his children through college. He took monies from the restaurant and never told his partners and dumped his wife, leaving her with IRS issues, and so forth……really? Why didn’t you ask him whether he has attempted any restitution to the people he stole money from, other than the one person that took him to criminal court?

  2. tommy

    With all the restauranter’s and Chef in Dallas who have had wonderful sucess stories you would chose to focus on one of the bad seeds. You wonder about the character of a man who speaks volumes about the healing to the damage he inflected on himself but not one word about those whom he infected damage on during his raise to so called success

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