Arcodoro & Pomodoro Is NoMoreO

arcby Andrew Chalk

Arcodoro & Pomodoro, Dallas abruptly shut its doors this week. The latest casualty of what appears to be a jinxed space in the hedge fund ghetto that is The Cresent. A&P may actually be one of the longest-lived tenants in that corner. Oddly, the strip mall of restaurants across the street has thrived, adding Morton’s The Steakhouse a short time ago following its move from downtown.   

A&P’s angle was the food of Sardinia. However, that category is not nixed from the Dallas dining canvas as A&P owner Efisio Farris’s brother Francesco retains Zio Cecio on Lover’s Lane.

It will be interesting to see who the next tenant of the Crescent space will be.


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6 responses to “Arcodoro & Pomodoro Is NoMoreO

  1. Bill

    While I think A&P has been past its prime you have to wonder how much the rent is in that corner.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the “hedge fund ghetto” line! Dead on!

  3. Sorry to see this… the move to this location was not a good idea. Only visited once after the move and was not inspired. Maybe it was past its prime… a fatal error for so many chefs. You have to keep it fresh and be totally committed to updating even old standard fare.

  4. cap guy

    The original concept was understandable,then it morphed into a price range that many could not afford.

  5. I figured it was dead as soon as it moved from that lovely house, I’m kind of surprised it lasted as long as it did.

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