Chino Starts Dim Sum Service This Sunday

dim3by Steven Doyle

Some weeks I feel like the Dim Sum Zen Master. I get on a tear and nothing stops me from one of my local favorite dim sum spots. This weekend I have a new option, and I am excited to sample some of he new dishes that will be strolled around the dining room at Chino Chinatown in Trinity Groves starting this Sunday, February 9th. I spoke to Chino Chef Uno today and she promised to have some very interesting items plated in her steamer carts.    



For those first to sample the goods this Sunday, look for items such as  Kai Mow Street tacos with a tomatillo salsa, or the Korean Chicken and Waffles with scallion pancake and confit drumstick. Also look for smaller size of the soups offered such as Uno’s signature Phozole that mashes the best of pho with pozole for a perfect blend of Asian and Latin flavors which the restaurant is founded on,  The food promises to be Uno beautiful and will be set to the music of some terrific cocktails that will also be on the stroll.

Plan on Dim Sum this Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Chino is also serving lunch each day. For more information call 469.513.7457.

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