The Truck Yard Speaks Up About Valet Parking, Cheese Steaks and Zip Lines

truck yardby Steven Doyle

After a wonderful afternoon with a handful of friends at The Truck Yard last night, I was inspired to rant about a few changes that have taken place. A few hours later I receive a response from the head Truck Yard guru himself, Jason Boso. You may also know Boso as the owner of Twisted Root. My rant included four issues that I have been thinking about after a few recent visits, and don’t get me wrong, I love Truck Yard.   

Recently Truck Yard added valet parking, which in my mind is the worst thing any restaurant or tavern could do to their patrons. Making valet free does not negate the offense. You still must tip and you still must relinquish your car to someone who doesn’t have any interest in the care and feeding of your vehicle.  Then there are the unscrupulous few that make way with various articles left behind such as sunglasses. It happens more than you might realize.

Truck Yard Parking

The rant goes on about several other minor items, and I offer total forgiveness if they would install a zip line leading from the roof of HG Sply located across Greenville Avenue to the east, that would actually end in or near the tree house at Truck Yard. If you haven’t been the the Truck Yard, they have a tree house bar where you may enjoy premixed bottled cocktails. They are pretty damned tasty, by the way.

It wasn’t long before Boso made a comment via Michelle DeLoy who handles Boso’s social media. In her response she basically said that the neighbors and other businesses who share the lots required valet. Not sure how that all works, but personally I will find other parking options.

As for the zip line, Boso is actually working on this masterful idea, and added that he would also install water cannons.

I may despise valet, but I love Jason Boso and those marvelous Philly Cheese Steaks he makes at the Truck Yard. Now I sit and wait for the zip line.



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3 responses to “The Truck Yard Speaks Up About Valet Parking, Cheese Steaks and Zip Lines

  1. alabastor

    please don’t perpatrate that jason boso actually cooks shit! as a food journalist you need to stop pumping into the general publics mind that the chef is in. cause he never is! Instead a group of underpaid individuals get to babysit drunk fucks and make them steaks. while boso and his other investors sit back and chuckle to the bank!!!

  2. Can’t tell if serious about zipline or joking… but I want to believe!!

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