Greenling Offers Free Nutrition Coach

greenlingby Jennifer Thomas

Greenling, an Allen-based grocery delivery service of local and organic food, has launched a free nutrition coaching program offering personal consultations and guidance for its customers.
The first local program of its kind, the Greenling Nutrition Coach Program connects customers directly with expert, personalized guidance on grocery choices, meal planning, health goals, special allergies and more.

“Greenling’s mission has always been to make real food more accessible,” said company founder Mason Arnold. “Our nutrition coach program will take another step to reduce the barriers around cooking with local and organic ingredients, with personal consultations to help customers meet their families’ needs without spending hours planning or breaking the bank.”  

Greenling’s program challenges the ideology of existing guided-nutrition programs in the DFW area, which are based around calorie-counting, reduced-fat ingredients, and conventionally grown and processed foods. In the past decade, numerous published studies have challenged these outdated food ideals, with recent research demonstrating the benefits of unprocessed, whole foods in consumer health. As the only program in town that exclusively features certified organic and/or local, sustainable products, Greenling’s individualized approach focuses on nourishing and healing the body through clean, unprocessed food without pesticides and artificial ingredients.

“There’s a new paradigm in healthy eating – if you listen to what your body needs and eat whole, nutritious foods, you don’t have to worry about counting anything,” said Arnold.
Greenling Nutrition Coaches use research-driven data along with customer interviews to create personalized shopping and meal plans. Base 14-day programs offered include:

● Grocery shopping consultation – meal planning and shopping support from start to finish, with convenient and budget-conscious solutions to meet the health and dietary needs of a whole family
● Paleo Performance – optimize energy levels by replacing processed foods and refined sugars with healthy fats and protein from grass-fed, organic sources
● Veggie Reset – a plant-focused program focused on nutrient-dense local and organic foods, with non-GMO plant proteins to fuel performance
● Clean Eating Reset – an easy-to-follow program that eliminates dietary exposure to pesticides, GMOs, and factory-farmed meat, and replaces processed foods with nutrient-dense organic choices

Individuals who are interested in taking advantage of Greenling’s free Nutrition Coach Program should visit the website to sign up today.


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