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Ranchers Prime Delivers on Flavor

A portrait of a Kansas cattle rancher

In the big world of big beef there are major misconceptions that the consumer must drive through. Grading, availability, quality are major factors when choose a cut, but also origin, heritage and hormones play a major factor in the world of greater awareness. We came across a group of ranchers that deliver on all fronts. Ranchers Prime makes the cut.

The Ranchers Prime ranchers are in the top 1% of their industry for raising high quality cattle and pigs. They are the most elite and esteemed ranchers in the nation because of their dedication, knowledge, and artisanship. Our strict set of criteria, including traceable beef and pork, ensures that you receive unbeatable flavor and consistent quality with every bite. This was compelling to use.

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Hutchins BBQ’s Famous Texas Twinkies Now Available Online for Nationwide Shipping and Served Seven Days a Week in Frisco

Texas Twinkies, the BBQ delicacy made famous by Hutchins BBQ, are making their nationwide debut. The North Texas BBQ joint’s most requested item is a large jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese and Hutchins’ famous brisket, which is then wrapped in thick-cut bacon. Each Twinkie is smoked and kissed by the grill for maximum flavor. Texas Twinkies can now be shipped by the dozen ($65 per dozen) to anywhere in the United States via the Hutchins BBQ online shop.

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Twin Liquors Launches Online Ordering in All Stores


Twin Liquors announced today that all stores are now offering online ordering for in-store pickup and/or delivery. Originally providing delivery and online ordering for 12 locations, Twin Liquors has rapidly expanded their e-commerce capabilities to 90+ stores in only five short weeks; including their Sigel’s brand in Dallas. Varying by city, county and store location with delivery services in select locations, Twin Liquors has continued their mission of customer service making shopping easy, accessible and safe for Texas. Continue reading

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Kate Weiser Will Save Your Easter With Chocolate


Kate Weiser produces beautiful chocolates year-round, but Easter is a special time for her talents to shine. Known for her intricately hand-painted bonbons, candy bars and seasonal goodies, Weiser has cooked up a batch of new products that will be the highlight of everyone’s Easter basket this year.

The new treats include bunnies, multiple-size eggs, special bonbons and even a chocolate “carrot.” Each item is available at Trinity Groves for Curbside pickup as well as online and at Central Market. Be sure to secure your favorites. Continue reading

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Growing List of Dallas Restaurants Offering Curb-Side and Delivery


Here is a collection of restaurants with alternative ordering methods. Also note some breweries are doing drive-thru such as Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth. Please keep clam, this virus crisis will pass over soon. Until then, if you wish to send Crave anything for publication, we are, and always have  been here to assist. Steven@cravedfw.com

Remember, some restaurants with a special TABC license may deliver alcohol. Ask!

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Super Deal at Pie Tap for Super Bowl


Football fans all over are gearing up for the Super Bowl (sans an amazing Dallas team)  on Sunday, February 5 and one local favorite is offering the perfect, convenient option for watch party hosts.

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop’s impressive delivery option is sure to fulfill all of Dallas’ gameday needs. Guests can choose from one of Pie Tap’s seven pies served on its simple, five-ingredient dough.   Continue reading

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