The Ivy Tavern To Open Soon

ivyby Steven Doyle

Remember when we told you that the Inwood Tavern was sold about a month ago? Previous owners, Lisa and Tom Georgalis, are at it again. This time the new spot will be called The Ivy Tavern, and will be located at 5334 Lemmon Ave in Dallas. Ivy is to be a neighborhood bar where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, craft beer and even some pretty authentic Greek bar food. Look for handmade sausages, gyros and more.  

I spoke Tom recently and found out how he came to be in the bar business. Basically, they were long time patrons of Inwood Tavern, and one day Tom went in and ordered a particular drink that the bartender was put off by, and refused to make it for Tom. Instead of getting angry, he told the waitress he would buy the bar and 86 her. This would appear to be an idle threat by anyone listening, but as fortune would have it, a rather large tax refund hit Tom’s mailbox that day and he went in to speak to the owner about buying Inwood.


Inwood was not for sale, but again with the luck the prior Inwood owner, Richard Isaly, was ready to bargain that day and took the refund check as a down payment.  When the offending bartender checked in for her shift she soon fond that the Georgalis’ owned the bar, and left.

Today Tom claims he wants to open five bars, the first will be The Ivy. The location was selected for the unique demographics that lends itself to a perfect neighborhood bar with no gimmicks.  Look for the new bar to open in about a month.



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4 responses to “The Ivy Tavern To Open Soon

  1. BG

    Can’t wait! Walking distance from my condo.

  2. E M

    Well I hope Tom, the owner, realizes the bartenders he hired are doing the exact same thing they did to him, putting off the clientele. Tonight my boyfriend and I went with some friends to the “soft” opening to discover the bartenders had a particular demographic they would only serve. It was quite discerning to stand at the front of the bar for more than 10 minutes to be completely ignored by the two bartenders. She kept reaching over us asking the people behind us what they needed and when we asked the other girl can we be helped she kept saying, “It will be a second.” All the businesses that have resided there in the past have gone out of business, and this place is well off to a good start.

  3. E M

    In addition, the bottom line appears to be this bar is not gay friendly especially being in the vivacity it’s located.

  4. Chris Blackwell

    Might want to reconsider your review of the Ivy Tavern, sir. They failed a health inspection w/ a 63.

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