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Poke Bop Delivers On Flavor

DSC00610by Steven Doyle

Do you want brown rice or kale? Sriracha aioli or ponzu sauce? Fancy an ice cream scoop full of chopped raw salmon, or are you feeling more like tofu today? These are the decisions you ponder while waiting in line at a poke (pronounced poke-eh) restaurant. And, yes, there’s a line, almost always, at all of them.   Continue reading

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A Burger We Miss: Prince of Hamburgers


In the early 1920’s few people knew what a hamburger was. This is when Doug Prince discovered the hamburger for himself at the State Fair of Texas and decided to make it his life. He opened a small little “drive in” on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. A virtual one man show. He would come out to the car, take your order, return to the kitchen, prepare the food and deliver it back out to the car.

In 1932 he took a trip to Houston and decided that it was there that he would build his empire. He purchased a small Weber’s Root Beer stand on Main Street and quickly changed the Houston restaurant scene for years to come.   Continue reading


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The Ivy Tavern To Open Soon

ivyby Steven Doyle

Remember when we told you that the Inwood Tavern was sold about a month ago? Previous owners, Lisa and Tom Georgalis, are at it again. This time the new spot will be called The Ivy Tavern, and will be located at 5334 Lemmon Ave in Dallas. Ivy is to be a neighborhood bar where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, craft beer and even some pretty authentic Greek bar food. Look for handmade sausages, gyros and more.   Continue reading


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