Omar Yeefoon Now At 86 Company

omarby Steven Doyle

Last year we pronounced 2013 as the year of Omar Yeefoon. The bright barman was on a hot blazing trail winning cocktail contests, having is face plastered throughout the media and managed the hottest bar to hit Dallas in ages. The bar, of course, was Smyth, the controversial speak easy/reservation bar that at its height was nothing short of genius.  

Today we learn that Yeefoon is now a representative for the 86 Company, the liquor company that Jason Kosmas and Simon Ford launched almost two years ago. You will see more of Yeefoon as he travels the state of Texas promoting Tequila Cabeza, Ford’s Gin, Aylesbury Duck Vodka and Cana Brava Rum.

Congratulations to Omar Yeefoon.



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  1. Bill

    Cana Brava Rum was pretty good. Price point was very reasonable also

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