Eat Me: Hangover Pot Pie at Max’s Wine Dive

dsc043542by Steven Doyle

For those three day weekend revelers may we introduce you to the Hangover Pot Pie available only at Max’s Wine Dive. We say three day weekend because Max’s has their famous Friday through Sunday brunch where they offer this peculiar dish.   

For those truly in pain from excessive revelry there is the Hangover Pot Pie. This beautiful presentation has an underbelly that reveals basically the entire contents of the kitchen including potatoes and collard greens. The pastry is steeped up in a creamy béchamel that has a powerful herbaceous scent, and is wrapped up neatly in a huge vol-au-vent that is quite possibly larger than your head. All this is topped off with some pretty damned good bacon as garnish. Bacon does indeed make an excellent garnish, and happens to be the best part of the dish. After gorging on this odd dish, your hangover will most likely vanish forever.

Thank us with bacon.


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  1. Slade

    too bad service sucks here so bad I’ve never gone back

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