Addison’s Kaboom Town Is July 3rd, Win Special VIP Access!

fireworks-3by Steven Doyle

Summer 2014 marches along and the heat is turning up a few degrees each day. This can only mean it is time to celebrate our nation’s birth with family picnics and outings. One of the biggest celebrations in the North Texas area is Addison’s Kaboom Town this July 3rd. This is one of the country’s best fireworks displays, and the crowd swells even larger as the years go on. The City of Addison has new policies in place to alleviate some of the traffic and over-crowding by offering a limited supply of tickets to anyone who cares to join the fun on the grounds within the barricade where food, drinks and music will be offered.  You may grab your free tickets at their website.

For the rest of humanity, the many restaurants that measure across Belt Line in Addison will offer their own special parties and prime seating. You will want to scope out those restaurants for reservations individually. One of the best seats can be found at Chamberlain’s Fish Market. Call them for more information at 972.503.3474. Chef Chamberlain always has a party planned, and a special 3-course dinner.   

This year more restaurants and pubs will be stepping up their activities to entertain you and your guests. Parking is always a premium, so you will want to arrive early. There are plenty of activities happening including one amazing air show to entertain the crowds that arrive before the fireworks.

For those who are planning on roughing it, the streets of Belt Line (aside from the restaurants) have choice sideline seating, but this can prove precarious at best.


CraveDFW has secured special VIP media passes for a four of our guests. These passes include dinner and adult beverages at no cost. We will split the passes up into two pair for a fun contest. The winners will also receive a  gift card for dinner at Cantina Laredo. Kaboom Town passes are extremely limited and coveted. You and a guest will have the very best view of the display, and will hobnob with the rest of the VIP characters.

To win one of the two packages (and we may heap more prizes onto the bonfire of fun as we go) merely make a comment below. Something patriotic would be ideal, but a mere “Yo” is acceptable. Our winners will be chosen at random, so no need to offer special bribes (although they are fun to read).

We will choose the special winners on June 24th. Kaboom Town is always held July 3rd which falls on a Thursday this year. Good luck, and God bless ‘Merica, ya’ll!

For more details on Addison’s Kaboom Town check out the City of Addison website.



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47 responses to “Addison’s Kaboom Town Is July 3rd, Win Special VIP Access!

  1. God Bless ‘Merica. Long may she reign.

    • Gloria Ince

      Been going to Kaboom time since my daughters were babies – over 25 years! We do not feel we have honored our independence & our country without going. Love it!

  2. Angel Palconet

    Never been to Kaboomtown, this would be a great way to celebrate 4th of July!! 🙂

  3. Sarah Im

    Steven, I always enjoy your blog and love reading up on new and exciting things happening in the restaurant world! Great job and keep up the good work! Wishing myself luck to win these tickets! Happy Fourth of July!!!!

  4. Agnes


  5. Susan Watkins


  6. John Scott

    I love kaboomtown and crave. Two of my favorites!

  7. Kaboom! It’s my favorite!!! 😉

  8. Woo Hooo. II can’t wait to yell Winner Winner 4th Of July Dinner.!

  9. Sandi Deveau

    And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave this right to right to me

  10. Timberly

    Proud to be part of the United States Air Force and an American!

  11. Rob

    Yeah for craving fireworks

  12. Linda
    Kaboom Town, America! Love it!

  13. Margo

    Kaboom town is awesome!!!

  14. Valerie L

    Proud to be an American

  15. Anja Moore

    Can’t wait ti crlebrate and enjoy the show.

  16. Amy D

    I love firework shows! Go USA!

  17. Amy Evans


  18. Toni Girard

    Yes!!! We’ve never been!!!

  19. Christelle

    Ev’ry heart beats true
    ‘neath the Red, White and Blue
    -George M. Cohan

  20. GZ

    Yo, sounds great!

  21. Yuki

    (From my 6 year old)
    Stripe of red
    Stripes of white
    Fifty stars on a field of blue
    Tell America I love you!

  22. Carolyn B.

    Proud to be a Texan and an American, and Kaboom Town has some of the best fireworks out there!

  23. Nancy Boyce

    Kaboom! USA Rules! America the Beautiful! BBQ day!! Red, White and Blue! Where’s the Beef ?

  24. Angela

    Best breakup letter ever

  25. Hayley

    Kaboom Town is my favorite way to celebrate the 4th in Dallas…God Bless ‘Murica!

  26. Chris

    Hook us up

  27. Peter N.


  28. Matt Montgomery

    I’ve never been to Kaboomtown, but I’ve heard it’s great and would to do it in style the first time!

  29. Bob

    I have been to KaboomTown several times…..but never as a VIP. I would happily accept this honor.

  30. david

    Long live the red white and blue

  31. Kristen Edwards

    I have never been to Kaboom town and want to take my kids this year. God bless the USA!

  32. Renee Kurtz

    oh no! just saw this. hope it’s not too late to win! we make this an all day event! <3 Kaboom town

  33. Sam

    Looking forward to seeing this with our 7 year old whose name was chosen from America The Beautiful song… It will b her first time since we moved to DFW area. Hopefully, we can get the tickets.

  34. PK

    God bless America!

  35. ch

    I want these tickets and I am hoping that by posting here, my name will be chosen at random. I’m also not saying that I deserve them more than anyone else, but I’m not NOT saying that.

  36. Amber

    Would love to get these tickets since looks like the other tickets are all gone.. Would love to see these fireworks.. God bless merica!

  37. YP

    Kaboom town is the BEST!!!

  38. Yes! Amy E and Kimber Scott both finally confirmed this weekend.

  39. Grayson

    Camp is ‘merica’s away colors. Happy 4th! Fingers crossed

  40. getting the family together for my daughters first 4th of july! XD

  41. Ricky Smith

    Let Freedom Reign!

  42. Damn, I am late! But, I love America, Boomtow , and Steven’s articles!

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