J.R. Ewing Bourbon Launch with Linda Gray

JREwing-4by Nafeisa Shukair

With the J.R. Ewing Bourbon flowing into drinks like a Manhattan and Texas Peach, a woman loved as much as the character J.R. Ewing walked into the bourbon launch party.  Linda Gray, best known for her role as Sue Ellen Ewing joined invited guests at Del Frisco’s to officially introduce the J.R. Ewing Bourbon to retailers in Dallas.

The bourbon, inspired by the iconic and infamous Texas oil Tycoon J.R. Ewing is handcrafted and distilled in the heart of bourbon country.  The 4-year-old, 80-proof light amber-colored straight bourbon was created before Mr. Larry Hagmans passing.  With the blessing of his family, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television group partnered with the Southfork Bottling Company to produce this fine bourbon.


During the event, Ms. Gray held a toast to Larry Hagman.  It was emotional, funny and honored not only the man, but his legacy as J.R. Ewing and love of Dallas.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity we had to visit with Ms. Gray and ask a few questions.  

Crave: How would the Ewing family savor the Bourbon if it would have launched on the Show?

Ms. Gray: They would have said, “Isn’t that typical J.R. It is always about him.”IMG_0343


Crave: I could have seen the family drinking the J.R. Ewing Bourbon during their pre-dinner drinks in the family room.

Ms. Gray: Absolutely!  Do you remember the little cart they had all the liquor on?  Putting the ice in the glass was always so loud.

Crave:  What are some of your favorite restaurants in Dallas?

Ms. Gray:  Mr. Hagman and I love Del Frisco’s and would come here quite often. In the 80s, we lived in the Mansion, Wolfgang Puck was Chef, and he would take us to the kitchen for taste-testing.  I love the Mansion as it was my home away from home in the 80s.

Another place I love is Tei-An in the One Arts Plaza – excellent food.  For Mexican food, I love Mesomaya and I love Mexican food!

I’m a California girl so of course True Foods is one of my favorites.  I love everything.  It is creative and fun.  I have also known Al Bernet since he was at The Palm.  I love Al Bernat’s especially since he is such a wonderful human being.


Crave:  The State Fair of Texas buzz is starting to build especially the fried food competition.  Do you have a fried food indulgence?

Ms. Gray:  No, I do not have a fried food indulgence, but I think it is fabulous.  I find it humorous when I find out what they fry like butter and Snickers.  Who thought of that? I would take a bite of something fried that I found interesting and share with others.  I am in awe of minds that think of stuff like that.

Crave:  If I were to come to your house for dinner, what would you cook for me that is your specialty?

Ms. Gray:  I eat pretty clean and simple.  Right now it is summer time, I grill lots of vegetables.  I have an organic vegetable garden at home, waiting for my tomatoes to be ripe and ready.  Hopefully the rabbits won’t get all my vegatables.    I eat clean, organic foods.  I like BBQ chicken on the grill – not fried… and salmon grilled on the plank.

Crave:  You are committed to Meals on Wheels.  What can we do to support them?

Ms. Gray: The thing that I tell people is now needs to be the time to step up!  We need to be part of the community where ever where we are.  Step up!  Go and volunteer.  They need people to deliver meals to people.  It is does not take a big commitment of your time.

When I wanted to go, I didn’t just want to talk about it, I wanted to know about it. I wanted to see what they do so Meals on Wheels recommended I visit the kitchen in Richmond, VA.  I helped cut celery and some thing, boxed the meals, and more.  They have diabetic food, kosher food and so many things.  We loaded the vans and took the food to the distribution center where they had cars lined up ready to take the food and delivery it.  I got to go and sit with the seniors, hand them food, look them in the eye, and talk to them.  When you do that, your life is never the same.

Crave:  Finish this sentence:  The higher the heels…

Ms. Gray: The quicker you take them off!


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