Mysterious Ke Competition Tonight At Reservoir In Fort Worth

2c2b8725by Steven Doyle          photos by Thomas Garza

Tonight is round two of the ongoing Mysterious Ke’ cocktail contest set in Fort Worth at the Reservoir at 6pm. Competing bartenders include Pam Moncrief from AF&B, Austin Bird from The Usual, Dan Shooks and Jason Farrens from Reservoir, Chris Evans from 24 Plates, and others, including Chris Trevino (Boozehound) and a surprise visit from a celebrity chef. Come out and support your favorite bartender who will a trip to the Caribbean, and has a very good sot at a trip to Ireland.  I will be emcee at the event. 

Last month Hotel ZaZa kicked off the competition. It didn’t take long for us to realize we were in the presence of some masters of the cocktail trade. Our bartenders were from The Windmill Lounge, The Standard Pour, Barter, The Porch, and other Dallas area top-end drinking and foodie establishments. Our judges were designer Christopher Wright, WFAA’s Shane Allen and CBS’s, ABC’s and and Channel 8 and KVIL happy girl, Stacy Fawcett. The format was a judge panel win decision, creating an intense two and a half hour competition that came down to the last cocktail. It took that long because each bartender created a cocktail with vKe, wKe, and tKe. What they didn’t know until seconds before the competition started was that the secret ingredient they had to include in their cocktails was seaweed. They also had a long table full of fruits, juices, herbs, veggies, etc. to add in. They were not only great sports about all of it, they blew us all away with their new and very tasty cocktails.




Charlie Papaceno from The Windmill Lounge won the night so he wins the Caribbean trip and is eligible to compete in August for the trip to Ireland. Two other competitors, Jules Pagan and Andrew Lotstetter, tied for second place and we’re going to move both up to the final.and were both moved up to compete for the Ireland trip, as well.



The bartenders selected to move forward to the finals for the trip to Ireland will be chosen in two ways. One will be chosen by the judges from the cocktail they create using a Ke’ Spirit as it’s core ingredient. The second winner will be chosen by the crowd, according to numbers of their drinks sold. So come support your favorite bartender and send him to the Emerald Isle.

Proceeds from the event goes to a new bartender’s charity, CIBA which benefits them in their time of crisis. Check out more information at their website.


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