We Rocked With Joe Freakin’ Perry This Weekend

20140822_220216by Steven Doyle  photos by Steven Doyle

This weekend we had the pleasure to hook up with  Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and his family a we made our way about the city of Dallas after his concert Saturday evening. As a person who spends much of his life on the road (in a well appointed tour bus) Perry has sought out ways to spice up what otherwise could be bland or boring meals. He is obviously in terrific shape, and noted that after a concert he would typically eat turkey legs. He carries around his own spice kit and historically purchased bottles of sauces to make the turkey more flavorful. A few years back he decided to create his own line of sauce blends that would kick up his meals, and soon offered them to the public. The Rock Your World sauces come in several flavors, including a spicy Boneyard Brew, Original BBQ and a Peach Mango.     


Although Perry does not typically meet and greet outside the concert venue, there were a few opportunities to meet the rocker including one Sunday at Stroker’s Ice House on Harry Hines. It was a perfect mash up of rocker meets biker, and it was difficult to tell who was more excited. Strokers owner Rick Fairless was more than pleased to give Perry the grand tour of his compound which includes acres of bikes for sale, shops doing custom work and repairs, memorabilia and exotic custom bikes. In addition there are booths outside the Ice House selling various items, food and beer.

DSC03673Aaron and Billie Perry enjoying a Pecan Lodge big beef rib

DSC03680Channel 8’s Stacy Fawcett made it aboard the tour bus

Joe Perry invited the gracious folks at Pecan Lodge to join him, no doubt for an opportunity to have a second sampling of their amazing BBQ and fried chicken. Diane and Justin Fourton of Pecan Lodge were more than happy to cater the event which not only fed the Perry family, but also happy guests of Strokers who with no advance clue that there would be a special guest that day. The rocker was gracious and spent time with everyone who asked for photos, or to sign various items, including the dozens of cases of his sauce he passed out to the crowd, and a few extraneous body parts.

For those that had the opportunity to rock out at the Aerosmith concert Saturday, and it was an amazing show, or had an opportunity to meet the band while they were in town, it was one delicious weekend.

DSC03877Justin Fourton found a bike 

DSC03854Diane Fourton found a rocker

DSC03878Rick Fairless and Joe Perry


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