Sakurai’s “Ten” Ramen Shop Opening Delayed Until January 2015

ramenby Steven Doyle

Teiichi Sakurai, owner of the illustrious Tei An in One Arts Plaza, has planned to open his tiny ramen shop in the new Sylvan|Thirty project in West Dallas for some time now. The 750 square foot restaurant will seat 13 guests, and will be designed by Hatsumi Kuzuu, the same talent behind such spots as FT33 in Dallas.

The restaurant, which will be called Ten, was on the fast track to already be open for business but was delayed due to a fire which gutted the new building back in March of this year. We now catch word that the delay will have diners waiting for Sakurai’s promised $10 bowl of ramen until January of 2015.   

Until then you may dream about tonkotsu-shio, shoyu, and miso ramen, or just head over to Tei An where Sakurai’s tonkotsu-shio is on the menu each day.

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