Kegs Abound At Parkit-Market

by Steven Doyle

If you need a keg of beer in Dallas for your home or party, who would you most likely turn to? Now lets say you want a really cool keg of beer, does that change anything? It shouldn’t. For over 50 years Parkit-Market has been the go-to keg station in Dallas.

Listing over 550 varieties on his web site Tony Todora is rightly excited when he discusses the current state of beer in Dallas, Texas.

“We do have a special now that includes everything you need for $84.95 if you want Coors, PBR, Bud Select and a few other brands, but our customers are becoming more sophisticated and we are seeing better beers being ordered,” said owner Todora. We also noted that Blue Moon was a mere $75.95. 

When asked what types of craft beers his clientele orders Todora seemed a bit timid. Sure, some of these names are hard to keep track of when you have 550 available. But he whipped out a recent order and smiled, “Franconia, Dogfish Head 90 minute, [Stone] Arrogant Bastard…” he continued on then escorted me back to his massive cooler where the incoming orders wait for their happy, new owners to arrive.

We noticed plenty of representation of the local stuff. The Peticolas Velvet Hammer 1/6 Slim is currently $106, as is the Deep Elum IPA.

You might think the Super Bowl is their busiest time of the year. You may even guess Saint Patrick’s Day. Well, last year’s Saint Pat’s was the biggest ever on the Parkit-Market books. But historically the best selling day is Halloween. Who would’ve thought? I think some party-goers have been holding out on us.

Listing over 550 varieties on his web site Tony Todora is rightly excited when he discusses the current state of beer in Dallas, Texas.

The convenience store has all the supplies you might need for any sized party and have the ability to service CO2 tanks for home Keg-O-Rators.

They also make a damned good sandwich. They are really that good with most of the sandwich spreads and fixings all made in house. The sandwich list is inexhaustible, and all damned good.

It is important to know that when you order some of the imports they do not take the same taps that you may have around the garage, but being a true pro Todora can handle any keg configuration.

“We can pretty much take care of any needs you might have when it comes to beer, we even can deliver.” With that Todora offered me a drink. I had Dogfish on my mind and smiled.


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