Historic Time Out Tavern Sold To Aaron Saginaw

DSC06412by Steven Doyle

As of January first the historic, and original sports tavern in North Dallas, the Time Out Tavern (or commonly called The TOT) was sold to Aaron Saginaw from the original owner who is now retired, Kevin McCormack.  McCormack purchased the Tavern from the previous owner 26 years ago. The Tavern was originally called the Doll House, which unlike the name might infer was a simple pub owned by Dotty Brown. “It was an old, run down bar with regulars drinking draft beer and a few bottles of whiskey,” said McCormack.

McCormack was originally in the wholesale liquor business, and grew up in the Lovers and Inwood area. He stopped in the bar one afternoon and visited with the owner suggesting that if he threw up some TV’s on the wall and a bit of sports memorabilia, that sport bars would be a big thing in the future. “I said you would have all these people from Highland Park over here,” continue McCormack. The owner of the bar said he didn’t want of those punks from Highland Park coming into the bar. That is when McCormack decided to go into the bar business.  

In August of 1988 McCormack and his partner offered $7500 for the bar and became the owner that month. twenty-two years lter his partner decided to retire, and four years later McCormack decided Saginaw should purchase The TOT.

Saginaw previously worked at the Tavern for nine and half years, and left to work for Glazer, a local liquor wholesaler. He left Glazer to manage Whiskey Cake where he further developed his knowledge of the bar industry. McCormack had several people interested in purchasing The TOT from him, but felt that Saginaw would make the best fit for ownership. “I always thought Aaron would make the best fit because he is so passionate about the industry. He is doing this in a very similar fashion as I did. He knows the suppliers, and as a matter of fact he is one year younger than me when  started this. I was thirty-four, he is thirty-three.”


Although McCormack is only sixty years old, he said that the bar business is a young man’s game, and felt he was leaving the business in very capable hands.

The bar has seen plenty of history. The TOT was the first to see the Stanley Cup in 1999 when friend of the tavern Stars player and TOT regular Pat Verbeek brought it in.

When Saginaw was pressed as to why would would want to buy the tavern, he said “who doesn’t want to own a bar”, but the fact is that since he worked at the tavern for nearly ten years he is in love with the place. Saginaw asked McCormack a few years after he was hired why he was chosen, and McCormack said he was the only candidate who wore a tie. Ironic because he hasn’t worn a tie to work since.  “This is a place where real people have real lives. I just love this place,” said Saginaw.

In the past years Saginaw has been honing his work skills, training under people like Whiskey Cake’s Bonnie Wilson and 86 Brand Jason Kosmas, has plenty of certifications and is a member of the United States Bartending Guild.

Asked if Saginaw had any immediate plans for the tavern and he quoted the Hippocratic and said “thou shalt do no harm”, but the few changes he has in mind are minor and will make the bar more efficient and comfortable.

“I am very humble to have this opportunity, and pleased that Kevin chose me as the new owner,” said Saginaw.

The Time Out Tavern is located at 5101 W Lovers near Inwood.


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