Dude, Where’s My Monster Truck? *Update

back9by Steven Doyle

The truck is truly a monster, and now it is a ghost. The gigantic truck owned by the folks at Back 9, the Addison sports bar, was stolen lat night around 1:30am. Since it is very difficult to hide such a beast, it will most likely be parted, which is a sad thing. the truck was parked in the lot directly in front of the new soon-to-open  Shell Shack location in Plano when it was lifted. Shell Shack is also owned by the folks at Back 9.  

The bank which shares the same parking lot has surveillance footage, but they are not being good neighbors and are requesting a subpoena before sharing. Sounds suspicious, right? I think they do not understand the lure of spicy crabs, otherwise they would be all over this to help.  Help them find the truck and they will offer you a reward. I would suggest taking the reward in Back 9 burgers and Shell Shack crabs.



Update: Good news from the people at Back 9. The truck has been recovered.

We are very thankful to have the truck back in our possession. It was found in Desoto in a wooded area. They stole all the stereo equipment, exhaust pipe, lights, led lighting, bed cover and destroyed the wiring and steering column. Also needs a new wheel and tire. It is beat up pretty bad but I think we can get it back on display eventually. The Desoto police have one person in custody and he is singing like a canary to sell out his friends. They said they have more names already.

back 9



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4 responses to “Dude, Where’s My Monster Truck? *Update

  1. KA Tieszen

    Sorry it was DeSoto, but glad it’s back!!

  2. Laura Guzman

    Sorry we called Garland PD when we saw it tonight. We didn’t know yall had already recovered it. Hope it wasn’t a big deal with Garland PD. Just trying to help.

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  4. JB

    dang it…they got mud on the tires!

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