Scotch & Sausage Adding a Taqueria to the Mix

DSC06793by Steven Doyle

Soon you will be able to not only have scotch, sausages and some pretty terrific Scotch eggs at Scotch and Sausage, located on Oak Lawn in Dallas, but you will also have a selection of great tequilas and tacos. The owners of Scotch and Sausage invited some of the craveDFW staff in to sample what will be part of the new addition called S&S Taqueria which has taken over the front of the house at Scotch and Sausage.

The tacos will be made by Scotch and Sausage executive chef Joey Allette, sharing the same kitchen, but ordering is completely separate. 



We spoke with one of the owners last evening, and Dylan Elchami was enthusiastic when he described the menu. “The idea came out of a conversation  with our bar manager Jessie. When we first started Scotch and Sausage we were tasting all these different whiskeys, but we also got excited about these agaves. We noticed there really wasn’t any place in Dallas with this aggressive program focusing on only agaves that are mostly organic and scoring above a 93. We wanted to do this tequila bar, and our chef Joey said he was dying to do tacos. So we are doing this real Texas taqueria that will occupy the front half of the building and the front patio,” explained Elchami.



As of March 1, 2015 you will find a great bar program that includes margaritas, skinny margaritas, and some fantastic tequila cocktails. Last night we sampled a few of the future offerings including a Yucatan inspired pulled pork taco, a Baja-style shrimp taco, slow roasted chicken, rajas and more. In addition to the tacos Allette will be making from scratch churros and elotes. The flavor will be packed into each housemade flour tortilla with slow roasted or braised meats.  Our vegan and vegetarian friends will also be extremely happy.


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