Where To Find A Great Banh Mi In Dallas

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The banh mi has become more popular in the past few years in Dallas. You see them on menus fused, and sometimes dazed and confused. The sandwich is a by-product of the French occupation of Vietnam, and starts with a wonderful baguette that displays an ever so crisp exterior, and a more inviting soft center. As for fillings, we often think grilled pork, and what a wondefful selection that can be. However, in Vietnam you might find a more interesting and broader choice of meats including Vietnamese sausage, roasted pork, spreadable pork liver pâté, grilled chicken, chicken floss, sardines in tomato sauce, soft pork meatballs in tomato sauce, head cheese, fried eggs, and tofu.

To top your sandwich, you might select fresh or pickled vegetables such as cucumber slices, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon in shredded form. Common condiments include sriracha, sliced chilies, mayonnaise, and even cheese.

We found some delicious versions of the banh mi in the Dallas area:  


La Me is the holy mother of banh mi in Dallas. Located very near Garland, La Me does justice to the sandwich as a humble price, and served it alongside a very serviceable bowl of pho. Ask for extra pate, you will thank us later. Sold for less than a Subway sandwich, you can get an even better deal if you buy them by the bagful. Located at 9780 Walnut Street.


Dalat is the oddball Vietnamese hang out that does everything homestyle, if your home happened to be owned by a Vietnamese man in the suburbs of Dallas. This is a fantastic version, an you can score a banh mi any night until 2am.

pho pasteur

There are several locations of Pho Pasteur, and this is where you will find a pretty special banh mi, along with all the trappings of a very decent Vietnamese restaurant. Locations in Carrollton, Arlington, or our favorite spot in Richardson at 1342 E Belt Line.


Nammi is the original Dallas banh mi truck, and they do great justice to everything they make. Check out the website for locations, but most likely they will be found at Klyde Warren Park downtown.

miss chi

Miss Chi is located in the sterile environs of Preston Center, but she is a beautiful outpost for the banh mi. It is even worth the terrible parking woes you might encounter. Add a fried egg for a buck!


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