Celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie Day This Friday

cookieby Steven Doyle

Of all the made up foodie holidays (and really, who decides these?) we can appreciate a few of them. Certainly Chicken Fried Steak Day as mandated by the Texas Senate, because seriously who does not enjoy a slab of fried meat? The other one is coming up this Friday, and it is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.  

Each May 15th we gather as one to honor the simple cookie that transports us back to simpler days of childhood, where we grabbed a warm freshly baked one from mom’s scorching hot pan. We may have thought we were sly in attempt, but were met with a cold glass of milk, certainly meant for dunking. Bliss.

We have a line on one of the very best cookies made in Dallas, aptly named Great One Cookie Company. To celebrate this auspicious day the cookies are on sale for a mere buck a piece. This is the same cookie celebrated by Oprah, and featured in the Oscar’s gifting suites and enjoyed by the stars. Order yours today in preparation by calling  214-219-3111. Supplies will be limited.


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  1. I didn’t know that was last Friday so i didn’t celebrate it, but I am going to celebrate it today and tomorrow and the next day instead!

  2. yes ..today friday..!!

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