Snookies Loses Lease, Closes This Sunday

dsc00918by Steven Doyle

In 1989 when Gene Street Jr. and Dace Street opened Snookies on Oak Lawn they most likely had no idea what an institution the bar would become. To this day they serve up one of the better chicken fried steaks in the old family Street tradition. It is with that in mind we pass on the news we received this past weekend that Snookies will be shutting their doors after 26 years this coming Sunday night.   


The story is a familiar one where an institution loses their lease and decide to call it quits after so many years. This coming from one of the most respected restaurant families Dallas has ever seen. We understand that a farewell bash is set for Friday, May 29th, and of course everyone reading this is invited.

Look for more news from the Street family as they will soon announce their latest concept, Rebel Rooster which will be located on Cedar Springs which will offer some incredible fried chicken.


Be sure to stop by Snookies this week for their insanely good chicken fried steak or burgers.


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5 responses to “Snookies Loses Lease, Closes This Sunday

  1. Snookies is one of the last of the “old school” neighborhood joints left in the Uptown area. The giant fish tank behind the bar is such an ancient design concept it passes kitch and goes straight to nostalgia. Everything else in the place gives off the feel of walking back in time to a “Cheers”-like experience, were “everybody knows your name”. I was never in there enough to become a regular, but there is one particular thing I will miss, and that’s the picture of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Ronald Reagan hanging high on the wall on the right side of the bar. Even when I didn’t know anyone else’s name in the place, I knew theirs. So long, Snookies.

  2. Jake

    Let me guess…..they’re going to replace it with another sterile “upscale” eatery or shop.

  3. Patrick

    They’ll probably scrape it and put in a CVS.

  4. Bryce

    This is exactly why neighborhood places like this, Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers and Kellers are so important- old staples that cintinue to serve up great food for over 25 years and at a cost that these chains like Hopdoddy’s, Liberty Burger, Twisted Root etc dont seem to get- i guess you pay for ambiance and lose a piece of dallas tradition. You will be missed Snookies

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