KT Burger Open In Highland Park Village, Five Creeks Opening Soon

DSC07794by Steven Doyle

Dallas has another burger offering, this time it is in Highland Park Village with the recent opening of KT Burger, which is adjacent to the theater. We made a pit stop to check out the burger and the new digs on a Monday evening and found a packed house bustling with burger eaters, families, and generally a happy crowd (we asked).

The burger is wonderfully basic, made with an 80/20 grind, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and mustard, which is the way every great Texan would dress their burger. Of course you may have it prepped your way. We added a side of the house-made venison chili for an extra bite and found this to be a great choice.  In addition to a pretty damned good burger KT offers a selection of sandwiches, hearty salads, brats and dogs, and a few tacos. Do not miss either the sturdy hand cut fries or onion rings. Both are a great choice. 



We also enjoyed the ahi tuna burger which is marinated in gentle spice for a few hours, then seared for just a moment. We loved this “burger” and will be back soon for another round.

There is a large selection of beer, both draft and bottled, but no real local brews unless you consider Austin or Shiner local. The bottles are displayed in cold chests that can be accessed as you make your way to the counter to order. If beer isn’t your thing, of course you have wine, soft drinks, and a pretty cute milkshake station located at the theater entry way. The shakes have actually been a huge success and not to be missed. Having the shakes located near the theater entrance allows the public to make a pit stop in just for a shake, bypassing burgers and fries should that be your game plan.

We chatted up the newly appointed food director for KT Burger, which also includes all Katy Trail Ice Houses, and the soon to open Five Creeks Tavern which will be located just above KT Burger in Highland Park Village.  Eduardo Flores may be a name that sounds familiar, we did a few stories on him in the past when we tasted the BBQ at Katy Trail. He is a formidable pitmaster, and made the easy transition to his director position.

We were interested interested in hearing more about Five Creeks. The name is taken from the five creeks that run into Turtle Creek. The day we visited they were installing a wood burning oven upstairs, and plan on doing certified Neapolitan-style pizzas. Flores took a short sabbatical to California to learn the pizza trade, and feels comfortable with that popular style now. In the same set of classes he was taught to make homemade mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, so you can bet those will be part of the Five Creeks menu.


Flores told us that he plans on making fresh house-made pastas. He also has ideas on a slew of great appetizers, many with a seafood bent.

Look for Five Creeks to have 16 wines on tap, along with 12 beers and a full bar.

Flores gave us a tour of the Five Creeks space, and from the looks of the progress that restaurant should be open within the next few months. Flores assured us that the price point will be comfortable for all, giving the neighborhood a spot to check out several times a week and still enjoy plenty of options.


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  1. Well done and cheers to my brother from another mother Eduardo Flores! Very proud of you sir!

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