Cousin’s Maine Lobster Truck Hits The Streets Of Dallas

lobster3by Steven Doyle

Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac are cousins from Maine that share a brotherly love and profound passion for their home state’s most notorious export, lobster. What started as a simple idea to bring the country’s best lobster meat to Los Angeles, is now a multifaceted business that includes 4 people-magnet food trucks, a website that delivers full lobster meals to doorsteps nationwide within 24 hours, and most recently Cousins Maine Lobster’s franchises.  

Jim and Sabin made their television debut on a “Shark Tank.” The two walked away as champions with a 100% fulfillment of their investment bid. Additionally, their episode ranked as the series highest rated since launch.

Jim and Sabin have garnered national recognition in less than a years time for their brand and its creative menu including a pretty delicious lobster ice cream.

Cousins Maine Lobsters will be serving lobster from their newly christened food truck on Thursday, June 11th at Sigel’s-Addison (15003 Inwood Road) starting at 5pm. Join and taste a number of wines from Somerston Estate & Priest Ranch and see how well Grenache Blanc pairs with lobster. Ron Baron, owner of the Dallas franchise, will also be on hand to sample their classic Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder.

Sounds like a perfectly delicious evening.


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