Eberhard on Henderson Soft Opens

DSC08108by Steven Doyle

The latest hot spot to open on Henderson Avenue is Eberhard, an interesting bar that is fused with a night club and a restaurant. The name Eberhard is an interesting one, and an homage to Eberhard Anheuser.

Anheuser was a German American soap and candle maker, as well as the father-in-law of Adolphus Busch, the founder of the Anheuser-Busch Company.He was a major creditor of the Bavarian Brewery Company, a struggling brewery founded in 1853. Eberhard Anheuser eventually became president and CEO and changed the company name to the Eberhard Anheuser and Company. His daughter Lilly married Adolphus Busch, a brewery supply salesman, in a double wedding with Anna Anheuser (Lilly’s older sister) and Ulrich Busch (Adolphus’ brother) in 1861. The company became Anheuser-Busch in 1879. 


That said, the new space on Henderson is a smart one, taking over the tired building that most recently house Taqueria Lupita. The speedy transformation is sexy, clean, open and breezy. There is a loft which looks much like high-rise lounge, replete with fireplace and a portable bar for private parties. There are hints of bottle service smattered across the building with pretty pockets of privacy. The wrap around patio completes the venue that has just about everything.

Cocktails are on the upper end, and a great canned and bottled beer list, but just a few taps.

The food is light, mostly high brow bar fare created by local chef Rodman Shields, who is consulting and still stationed as corporate chef and general manager at Common Table. For Eberhard Shields offers delicious items such as Hatch Chile Chicken Quesadillas,  a jumbo burger, a trio of sliders, high-end tacos, flatbreads, and a few cool salads.

Eberhard is on a trial run with a soft opening until this Friday, and will close down Saturday and Sunday to regroup before opening its doors full on next week. Until then, everyone gets a sneak peek at what should be a fun night spot that was designed to hangout and enjoy.

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