Mama Fayes BBQ in Deep Ellum Closed and Relocating

mama1by Steven Doyle

I recall my first Mama Faye experience in Deep Ellum. The family had a smoker set up in front of what is now Twenty-Seven on Elm Street. It was late at night and there were ribs and sausages to be had. 



Since then I made the trek to their restaurant just down the road from that first experience, and enjoyed some very nice ribs.

Competition has heated up considerably in Deep Ellum, and Mama Faye is a bit of fall out from all the new restaurants popping up. Look for Mama Faye to re-open shop in Sulphur Springs, Texas.


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2 responses to “Mama Fayes BBQ in Deep Ellum Closed and Relocating

  1. Such a lovely team at Mama Faye’s and they will be sorely missed by those of us that have actually lived in Deep Ellum for more than 6 months. Time after time, neighbors commented how Mama Faye’s was SO much better than any other BBQ place in the area…even the ones with long lines. Alas, you had to know about them and they were kind of off the beaten path. Our loss is Sulphur Springs gain.

  2. Roxanne Newhouse

    Thanks to Mr. Williams and his staff for catering food and providing the facility for my husband celebratory event on 7/18/15. Food was delicious! Thanks again for catering and providing space for our guest. Best barbeque on the map!!!Look forward to visiting you guys in Sulphur Springs.

    Newhouse Transportation Services, LLC

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