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beer1by Jordan Burke

Drinking games are an awesome way to spend some good quality time with family and friends. I’ve got a few off-the-cuff games that my friends and I play on the regular. Each one with difficulty and added strategy. These games are not all necessarily drinking games but with a little bit of an imagination and creative thinking they become a whole new level of fun and entertainment.

The first and easiest of the three is an actual real sport, bowling. That’s right bowling, dude, the sport of kings. It’s really the only sport, outside of golf, where the more I drink the better I seem to get. Or at least I feel like I do better, under the influence. The game here is loser buys the drinks consumed by all party members within the time of the ten frame game. You would be surprised how many beers you could slam in a single game, especially when you know you are going to win.  

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The next two games are not really supposed to be drinking games. But after playing them while drinking with some friends we altered the games to add in the chugging beer and taking shots aspects to intensify the entertainment value. Settlers of Catan is one of the most addicting board/strategy games I have ever played. The standard game rules are quite simple but add in chugging and taking shots and you will have your opponents good and sauced about half way through the game. The goal of the game is to expand your trade routes and settlements to collect a certain amount of “Victory Points” before the competition. Do so by rolling a pair of six-sided dice to collect the resources that your settlements are positioned on. If the number 7 is rolled each player must dump half the cards in their hand back to the bank. We have modified this rule to add shot gunning a beer or taking a shot. Also drink every time a settlement or city is purchased, also choose a random number between 1-12 to be a drinking number. An average game can last 30 minutes to an hour just depending on skill levels, so nobody should have a hard time getting wasted in Catan. Also this is just a really fun game with or without the booze.

This final game, I have a strong love/hate relationship with. I love this game for its intense high level of strategy and cunning skill it requires. And I hate it for the crazy insane amount of variations and moves that can be made in a moment’s notice. I grew up with Magic: the Gathering, playing off and on for over a decade and a half. With over 10,000 different cards with endless opportunity and sabotage. I regularly play and have won a little and lost more than I can remember. The game in itself is badass and well worth the time it takes to learn to play. Add in some tasty beer and a bit of a friendly rivalry and you are set to get drunk and nerdy. We play when a card is summoned to the battlefield, you drink or when a creature card is removed from the field, you drink. Whoever runs out of all their health points first must finish all the open drinks at the table. I cannot recommend this game enough, especially if you’re looking to get to that “turnt” stage of inebriation.

Now these are just a couple of my favorite games. I still enjoy the old classics like quarters, beer pong, flip cup, and the infamous presidents and assholes. Go out there and turn whatever you want into a drinking game. Drink up and Good LUCK.

Cheers, JB-nerding out one drink at a time.

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