We Celebrated Hitchcock’s 116th Birthday at Henry’s Majestic

hitch1by Steven Doyle

Alfred Hitchcock was known as the Master of Suspense and over the course of his 50-year career fashioned for himself a distinctive and recognizable directorial style. Henry’s Majestic recently paid tribute to the Master on what would have been his 116th birthday with a 4-course dinner and we were there to capture the fun and games both executive chef Roe DiLeo and Alex Fletcher, Beverage Director had in store for the group that assembled for both tastes of film-paired food and cocktails.  


As guests arrived they were escorted by a gentleman who appeared to be Hitch himself. His slow and methodical steps reached each table and guests were handed a menu by the Master as he grimaced a “good evening” to each.  The chef made the rounds to greet attendees and apologized for intermittent electrical outages that have been plaguing the neighborhood, but she assured us that dinner would start on time and that she had some delicious plates planned. Indeed she did.

The dinner was also sparked further with the serving staff dressed as various characters that fit the theme. We were a bit taken back with the Norman Bates who insisted on dressing as his mother: wig, dress and demeanor.

Here is how the night played out.

Amuse: Vertitgo


Veal Pate Spire with braised radish and basil pesto. The cocktail is a layered melange of black berry compote, honey infused gin gelatin and lemon rind “custard”. Finished with sage.

First Course: Strangers on a Train


Dueling salad course of Warm apricot and piquillo salad with pine nut vs. Watercress pancetta, manchego and boysenberry salad. Swerved with an Aperol, green tea, house made tonic reduction, soda, orange peel threads.

Second Course: Rear Window


Grilled Lobster with kohlrabi and eggplant. Black garlic oil, and topped with fried oyster. The cocktail will be a White Miso, Fresh lemon grass, gin, citrus.

Third Course: The Birds


Roasted Quail, sugar snap peas, braised fingerlings, and seared foie gras, served with Bubbles, Aylesbury Duck vodka, finger limes, hibiscus reduction.

Fourth Course: Psycho


Chocolate torte with candy corn crumble and cherry coco ”blood” syrup. Inspired by Norman. The cocktail is a play on a Manhattan; Blood orange infused Woodford double oak, sweet vermouth and sea salt chocolate, angostura and orange rind dust.

As the dessert course was to be served we were hot with the forewarned electrical outage, but all was saved b y Hitchcock as he entered the darkened room with a largish candle. He asked for the group to follow him, and we complied. Out the door, around the corner to the alley and in the back door into the secret chambers of the speakeasy Atwater. There we were met with fog, and a lovely display of chocolate tortes and cocktails.

The night progressed with some taking to dancing, others enjoy more cocktails. This was definitely a special occasion evening enjoyed by all. We attend plenty of beer and cocktail dinners in the DFW area, but this one by far exceeded each with its whimsical fun and imagination. Look for another version of this evening coming soon in celebration of Quentin Tarantino.

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