Trigger’s Toys Event Slated For December 13th


Trigger’s Toys is back, and once more, the charitable pop-up event will unite bartenders, brands, distributors and consumers to benefit a worthwhile cause. Started by Bryan Townsend, and now in its fifth year, Trigger’s Toys is a can’t-miss cocktail showcase and fundraiser that provides toys, therapy aids and financial assistance to hospitalized children and their families.

Back by popular demand will be the fantasy bar draft, which last year saw 87 bartenders from Texas and across the country come together in a show of support. And this year’s event should see more than 100 bartenders contribute their time and talent. The draft will take place at 2:00 p.m. on November 16th at Industry Alley. There, captains will be picked and five teams will be formed from the selection of bartenders, sponsoring brands and celebrity bar backs, with each team choosing a name and concept.  

Over the following weeks, teams will formulate their menus and design their bars. Then it’s onto the main event, which occurs at 8:00 p.m. on December 13th at Henry’s Majestic. The spacious host bar will house all five teams, each serving drinks and entertaining crowds with its individual concept and stable of lively personalities.

This year, Trigger’s Toys hopes to raise $150,000 to help kids in local hospitals around the state and the country. Each bar team will also be involved in its own fund raising efforts prior to and during the event, adding another charitable component to the festivities.

“To date, Trigger’s Toys has raised nearly $500,000, and through this event, we’ve helped to change the way people give back to their community,” said organization founder Bryan Townsend. “We hope the bar and restaurant community, as well as friends and patrons, will come out to drink great drinks and, in the process, support this great cause as we look to enact real change and dramatically impact the lives of children and families in need.”

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